Scaled Down Scales

Interlude with Shopping Trip

...and Character Leveling

Nox Rhasgar studied the maps Cachlain had given them.

“Thiradith Outpost,” he mused. “One of Cachlain’s portals lead to a spot near that isolated outpost.”

And the Stone-Skinned King told them the Githyanki had been using that portal a lot lately.

Training with Relvain, Nox had sharpened his skills. And even gone shopping.

But some of the Wondrous Items the dwarven shieldmaiden told him about were not to be found in the markets of Sayre.

Amyria told him that The Order of the Black Feather had contacts in Overlook which might be able to help him find such items.

“You mustn’t come right out and ask her about Wondrous Items,” the Deva warned. “They are in her private collection. Flirt with her first, then she might show you the good stuff.”

“Cachlain has invited me to send an ambassador to his court to facilitate our alliance against Sangwyr. Druemmeth Goldtemple, I ask you to represent me there. Go at once. And make sure the Stone-Skinned King does not double-cross us.”
—Inzira, the Daughter of the Frost-White Forest

“We ride to the east,” Megan Swiftblade told the Freeriders. “Our scouts found tracks near an outpost there. Some evidence indicates Githyanki may be involved.”

Battle-weary, the Freeriders obeyed. No arguing, no shouting, they almost seemed beaten.

But Megan knew better. She herself felt none of the old pride. Her new pride — a kind of dedication to the Alliance — was tempered with purpose.

All the Freeriders felt that purpose, too. She knew. They would follow her into the Elemental Chaos itself.

She just hoped that was not where they were heading.

“Here is the sequence of sigils you can use to perform a portal ritual to reach my court.”
—Cachlain, rewarding the representatives of The Order of the Black Feather for their service freeing him from the clutches of an Exarch of Tiamat

Elyas woke from his dream, disturbed.

An Exarch of Erathis had appeared to him in his fitful sleep.

“Why should I be troubled? Have I not done everything I could to restore the Temple of Erathis?”

He could not remember if he had asked the Exarch these questions, but he was sure his work in the Nine Bells district had been noticed by his god. The whole place was in much better shape than when he arrived. The other temples were being restored as well.

But it seemed in his dream that Erathis wanted more from him. The Exarch seemed to think he was needed in Argent.


I do believe that there was an inuendo in there…

Interlude with Shopping Trip

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