Scaled Down Scales

Surrounded by the Exhausted Bodies

...of his Fellows from the Order...

…Li Sun Decides to Scout the Lair of Paldemar…


The dim light of the Shrine of Vecna seemed to come from the walls themselves. Li Sun could see three doors. Knowing that Paldemar was aware his infernal machine had been destroyed, he tested each door quietly.

  1. The door to the west was locked.
  2. The door to the east was unlocked. The ardent opened it quietly and saw another of the Bronze Warder. Fortunately, the Warder did not see Li Sun as he quietly closed the door.
  3. The door to the north was unlocked as well. But the occupants of this room were on high alert. They spotted him immediately. He slammed the door and retreated through the portal behind him.

Once he was back with the rest of his team, he reported what he had seen in his brief glimpse into the Shrine of Vecna:

  • A statue of Vecna, crafted from iron and very large. A skeletal figure in robes, missing its left eye and left hand.
  • A symbol of Vecna, crafted as a mosaic into the floor in the center of this minor temple. A severed hand holding and eyeball.
  • Four crystal pillars, crafted from crystalline rock. Arrayed about the room.
  • Two brazier, crafted of brass. Providing garish shadows to the lighting.
  • An Idol of Vecna, crafted from black rock. Fashioned into a giant skull with an eye set in its right socket. The left socket is empty.

He told his teammates of the occupants who spotted him:

  • Several Norkers, the creatures who resembled hobgoblins who had been plaguing them since they had entered the Tower of Mysteries (some were armed with slings, some with flails); and
  • At least one cloaked figure which resembled the Enigmas of Vecna they had already fought.

He saw no sign of Paldemar.



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