Scaled Down Scales

The Golden Scales Surprise the Githyanki

At their Leisure...

…But Kle’th Escapes to Warn Telecanthus

Once the element of surprise was gone, Delis Erinthal found herself on the far side of the Tower of Auglos, near a foul-smelling latrine. Maxim had managed to trap a couple on her side of his globe of blackness and silver-winged death, but she was having her way with them, avoiding them to her stealth and speed while she plinked away at them with her magickal arrows.

They concentrated their fire through Maxim’s conjuration, even though it hampered them somewhat.

The Minotaur listened to Amyria as she explained her dilemma, “I am about hold a meeting with the Coalition to discuss all manner of delicate issues. The rest of the Golden Scales will be there to help me, so I cannot send them. But there are other elements of ”/wikis/the-order-of-the-black-feather" class=“wiki-page-link”> The Order of the Black Feather who can help Bejam. Go to Elyas in Overlook and ask him to find them. That way Lord Torrance’s jealousy will not interfere with the need to help Nefalus."

Maxim Shalion kept up his Hunger of Hadar even once the area around the table he centered it on was evacuated. The globe was serving his purposes even after it no longer dealt damage.

His own melee attack wasn’t much use. He just wasn’t very good at hitting things up close. And he had to hit first to unleash his Demonic Frenzy. “What good is being a Demon if you can’t unleash your frenzy every now and then?” he asked himself.

Alen was certainly enjoying being a demon, turning invisible and appearing where he could bite the Githyanki. If only Maxim could figure out why Ambassador Tien was not returning with a response from the Great Gark.

“Maybe Alen could be used more effectively,” he thought.

Elyas told Ragnar that the name of his contact in the Order was Blackguard’s Bane, “He should be able to send you to wherever Li Sun and Sun Li are currently hanging out. He has ways. Last I heard they were in a place called The Horned Hold.”

The healing powers of Grigore Goldforge were being put to the test. With the Githyanki warriors leaping about attacking almost everyone, there was always someone in trouble. Especially when they had been immobilized first.

Garen seemed to be particularly vulnerable to this, and Grigore was glad his spear-thrusts were hitting. That allowed him to get some extra healing in.

“The Horned Hold?” Blackguard’s Bane asked when the Minotaur barbarian found him at the Order’s headquarters. “No, I think they’ve gone deeper into The Thunderspire Labyrinth. Belinda Markelhay should be able to take you there. But I suggest you ask her father first. He’s Lord Warden of Fallcrest. You might need to help them finish that work before you can get them on a boat to Nefalus.”

Zumos saw the leader of the Githyanki heading for the exits and knew he was trying to alert Lord Telicanthus and the butler.

He moved quickly to block the way, but the other Githyanki seemed to sense the need to get reinforcements. They pointed their fingers at Kle’th and telekinetically aided their leader in his escape.

When the battle was over and the bodies quickly searched, Elyas told them all to rest up quickly. “We only have a short time before Lord Telicanthus gets here. He has surely been alerted.”



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