Alexander Winterforged

Dwarven Runepriest, umm, dead


Alexander has three brothers: one has become a hero as a battle mind; another has become a master smith. His father was a shock trooper, and his mother, a paladin. When his mother died, his father retired to raise the kids.


Alexander was born in a unique community in the far north, the Outer Thrainhold.

The dwarves there discovered a cavern that led to a strange land where their cold-weather skills were very much useful. It was only later they discovered the name of that land: The Frostwhite Forest. Strange plants grew there which could bear fruit even in seasons the dwarves could only think of as winter.

Over time they came to take advantage of this strange forest. They would spend their summers on an island off northern Nerath and winter in the strange new place. The weather was no better in The Frostwhite Forest, but it was easier to survive that weather.

They had long settled into this nomadic lifestyle when they were given an even better reason to slip away to the strange forest: the fall of the Empire of Nerath.

It was during this time they discovered the true nature of their strange place of refuge: The Frostwhite Forest is actually on another plane, a plane on which eladrin and elves and even the Fomorians rule. Known as the Feywilde, few dwarves ever venture there.

But they had allies there; allies who had known of their visits for years; allies whose masters were Winter Court eladrin who hated all mortals, especially dwarves. But these allies made a strange decision when they discovered the dwarven incursions: They decided not to tell their harsh masters.

The Children…

At first, it was curiosity that held the tongues of the Children of the Frostwhite Forest. They knew their masters would try to kill the interlopers and drive them from the land. But they had little reason to admire the harshness of the judgments of the Prince of Frost and his Winter Court. They were too often the victims of that harshness.

The Children of the Frostwhite Forest were elves, not mortals. But the Court looked down upon them nonetheless. The Children merely wanted to see what the strange mortals were up to.

And later…

Later it was fear that held their tongues. For they knew the Prince of Frost would be angry if he knew they had hidden from him the news of a mortal invasion.


So they hid all sign of the dwarves, which was easy since each visit was short and the dwarves soon returned to the material plane. Eventually they even contacted the interlopers and taught them how to hide from the Winter Court and from the Wilde Hunt of the Firbolgs.

A Dwarf from the Feywilde…

And the Children of the Frostwhite Forest did not seem familiar to the dwarves of the Outer Thrainhold when they were first approached. They did not match exactly the descriptions of elves they had heard. By the time they figured that out they were friends and allies, even helping the Children when the rule of the Winter Court grew too hard.

A strange partnership was formed, a partnership that mixed dwarven culture with elven. Alexander was born into a family descended from a family that had an ancestor…

But then: Aren’t we all?

But Alexander’s ancester was blessed by Moradin to make a weapon of frost which was handed down to him. It is his dearest wish to add value to this hammer by improving it in some way. In this manner, he might add to his family’s legacy and stature: a lasting improvement, one that might endure as long as the Hammer of Frost itself.

A traveling runepriest from the Inner Thrainhold was impressed by Alexander when he met the dwarven child. When the runepriest died a few years later, his fellow priests were surprised to find he had bequested a scholarship for the young dwarf. The scholarship virtually guaranteed that Alexander would be accepted at a temple where he could learn to be a rune priest. Thus his apprenticeship at the forge was interrupted by a higher calling.

Due to the unique origin of the community which summers in Outer Thrainhold and winters in the Frostwhite Forest, it is common where he grew up to worship more than one god: Ioun, Corellon, and Moradin are the most well known.

Now that Alexander has become an experienced runepriest, his desire is to seek out knowledge and find something useful to create, something that will last the ages. Of the three deities, Alex worships Ioun the most. He has set himself a quest to wander the world and find many written works and return them to his temple to allow linguists to study them for centuries to come. While going about this he is working to perfect his ability to bring out the true nature of divine words.

Or something like that.

Alexander Winterforged

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