Andrea Ravn

Dragonborn Warlord


Now known as Andrea Raven, the Rock Girl, Andrea is a crowd favorite in the Feydark domain of Cachlain, the Stone-Skinned King.


Born in the swamps southeast of Fallcrest, Andrea travels with another Dragonborn, a sorcerer named Lagolas. But Lagolas has not yet earned her respect.

Andrea rubbed the sleep from her nictitating membranes, trying to remember her strange dream. A gigantic primordial, wielding an axe, splitting a great wyrm in two: That made sense. Two dragons emerging from the two halves of the dragon’s corpse: That was history. The dragons, falling on each other in a great fight: Just as the the priests all said. “But what was the part about the Scale of War?” she asked.

A tiny imp goaded Lagolas and Andrea into a futile trek to visit a nearby village. Then it mocked them for even listening. Some human princeling needed them, and the God of Secrets had mislead them. Off to Thunderspire Labyrinth to set things straight.

“I saw a scale of the ancient god-dragon fall away when Erek-Hus split Io in two. The Scale of War — it became part of neither Tiamat nor of Bahamat,” she told Garen Bladerun when she finally caught up to him. He explained there were — according to legend — many scales from Io which never became a part of either of the dragon-gods which arose from the corpse of Io. Each was said to be an artifact of great value — and power — each with its own personality built from some fragment of the personality of Io.

Eventually the two rivals made their way — bickering, of course — to the ancient labyrinths built by the Minotaurs beneath a great mountain.

Andrea Ravn

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