Chance Runner

A revenant with a past (but don't they all have a past?) ...


…as a deva.

Born under a bad sign: What does that mean to a creature who was never born?

Revenants are plucked from the stream of souls by the Raven Queen herself. When that plucking is done is based on the whims of the Queen of Death herself.


Chance does not remember much his previous lives, but today he is a storm sorcerer in whose breast beats the storm’s heart. That heart churns with godlike power.

In spite of his origins in Letherna, he is drawn to the the god of strength — Kord.

Laughing at the Raven Queen got him thrown out of her realm and, since that time, his steps have been dogged by evil omen after evil omen.

Such as being a member of Carl Goldforges last crusade… luckily he got separated from the party before their demise.

His instincts seem to be of a fighting mage who has worked with large, disciplined organizations and he has begun to wonder if such an organization is behind the bad luck which seems to follow him everywhere. Everyone else seems to think that being an undead creature is enough to explain it, but Chance cannot help wondering: “Did I fail somebody important in some significant way?”

The truth is his fighting style is unusual for a follower of kord. in his own words. “Ok kid you seem confused. how could a follower of kord use tactics like striking from ambush or push someone of a cliff. let me tell you something kid. priests will have you think kord is all about flashy thunder and bone searing strength but there’s a lot more to storms then that. clouds darken the sky, rain makes the ground slippery, lightning strikes before you ever hear it coming, and floods sweep the vary foundations of the world from right under your feet. truth is a true fight as kord intended is between two foes using all of their strengths both of body and mind. if the enemy dies due to him never having seen the attack coming then he should have spent more time honing his perceptive instincts.” however not everything he does fills him with pride. The fact is in the face of certain death he runs. this shames him as it is nothing like what kord would want him to do. this tendency may have had something to do with his failure in his past life.

These two things eat at him because while dying is just the next step in the journey to him he still sees such fates as failures. he seeks to live forever thinking that if he achieves it it will be a sign that he has made progress in his quest to never fail again. This may be the reason he tries not to piss off his healer as that had lead to his demise several times. regardless he seeks the day when he can stand forth in battle and never doubt his strength.

In the process of achieving his dream he has made a book to keep track of dangerous monsters and useful items. during his long and eventful life he has put down all the monsters and items he’s seen and also tracked down adventurers and books to learn more. but most importantly he has utilized his long life to dedicate the few uneventful days (not vary many) a year to meditation exploring his past lives for additional information. as such he has one of the most extensive collections in the world.

Recently his goal was to become one of the Shadowsworn to appease the raven queen who had stolen him from his cycle of rebirth. He made his way across Letherna to the Temple of Zvomarana, where he presented himself to the Shadar-Kai as a candidate for Shadowsworn service. They were skeptical: Only the Shadar-Kai become Shadowsworn.

They explained that he would have to pass rigorous tests to qualify. When they told him the final test would be a journey across Letherna, he laughed at them, saying he had already passed their toughest test and demanding they admit him to their order immediately.

They threw him out instead.

His allegiance to Kord renewed, and feeling rejected by the Raven Queen. He made his way through the Shadowfell, and got swept up in Sarshan’s drive to recruit mercenary armies at the Umbraforge.

Thus his misadventures to reach his destiny continue… it’s gonna be a bad day.

Chance Runner

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