Coppershot "Copper" Thundershield

Ex-slave of the Rulers of the City of Brass


Nicknamed “Coppersnot” by his owner, an Efreet.


Disgusted by the fact that the so-called “nobles” of Hammerfast were not doing enough to rid the Trade Road of the brigands who were operating out of Raven’s Roost, a young Gold Dwarf undertook the job of cleaning out Raven’s Roost on his own.

Unbeknownst to Copper, the brigands were working with far more sinister forces. Duergar slavers, operating out of Thunderspire Labyrinth had been purchasing caravaners and their passengers as slaves. The authorities in Hammerfast were assuming the traders were simply killed. As it happened, when Coppershot arrived to clean out the Raven’s Roost the brigands were getting their regular visit from the slavers. Far stronger than the band of simple highwaymen he expected, the slavers quickly overcame the haughty dwarf and sold him into slavery to the Efreeti masters of the City of Brass.

Thundershield became a rabble-rouser among the slaves, helping some to escape (including Drake before he became The Enforcer or The Devil Man). When his master bit off more than he could chew (capturing a goliath named Storm Johnson), Copper decided it was time to make his own escape.

Storm Johnson likes to do things in a big way. So, when he and Coppershot made their breakout, they took as many slaves as they could with them, forming a band of like-minded harriers out to make trouble for their former masters. Indeed, part of the reason the Efreeti never recaptured them lies in the fact that they did not run far. The slavers of the City of Brass always assume that escaped slaves try to make for less chaotic places.

But Storm Johnson feels quite at home in the Elemental Chaos. He has set up operations on a rock floating in the sea of fire near the City of Brass, which he has christened Yathrib. Operating from this earthy base, the goliath has begun a campaign to seal portals leading from the Elemental Chaos to other planes. Fearful as he is that the chaos spilling through these portals could cause problems in places less accustomed to the elemental forces, Storm Johnson has recruited many of the slaves he helped to free, including Coppershot.

Together they have helped the heroes of Overlook to seal a portal once guarded by a Githzerai fortress. Then they helped Bram Ironfell seal the portal that doomed the Ironfell clan’s efforts to exploit the Mines of Karak. Because Bram was concerned he did not have the resources to collapse the mines himself, he asked Storm Johnson to come through and use his powers as a warden to help with that operation.

But Storm Johnson has grown fond of the Elemental Chaos and remains committed to the grand project of Yathrib — to thwart any effort by the City of Brass to exploit the connections to other realms — so he insisted on remaining there. But he has taught young Copper much of the responsibilities of being a warden and the dwarf volunteered to go with Bram and help with the destruction of the Lost Mine.

This accomplished, Coppershot went back to Overlook to recruit the rest of the clan to help destroy the remains of the fortress (which still marks the location of the mine). Unfortunately he found the Ironfells were counting on the re-opening of the mines and the riches that would bring. So, they have refused to cooperate and are accusing Copper and Storm of corrupting Bram Ironfell.

Thus Coppershot Thundershield has been forced to join Storm’s old adventuring group (still linked to the Order of the Black Feather) in their effort to save Overlook from attack once again.

Coppershot "Copper" Thundershield

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