Huntress of Winter's Eye


An Unselie agent, sent from the Feywilde to discover the plans of the Githyanki.


Cachlain, the fomorian king, rules a subterranean complex of caverns, much of it chipped from great crystals and shaped by cyclops slaves into immaculate, enormous corridors and rooms. Cachlain is particularly fond of beautiful magical craft, and his citadel is filled with arcane torches and doorways that open on command. Constructs are his favorite marvel, and he has many throughout his realm. Once, when the king was in an especially mad mood, he had a stone golem pried apart, and its stone armor affixed to his skin. This gave him his name: The Stone-Skinned King.

Delis was kidnapped from The Frostwhite Forest by Cachlain and raised by Talyrin (a Cyclops oracle who serves as his principle advisor) to be an agent to be used against her own people.

Talyrin’s visions convinced her that only Delis Errintial could rescue her should she ever be betrayed, so she sent Delis on a mission to confirm her suspicions that the Githyanki were trying to gain control of her king. This mission eventually led Delis to Overlook when she heard heroes, working through the Order of the Black Feather, had uncovered a Githyanki plot to crush the dwarven city by gaining control of selected leaders. Particularly among the religious leaders of Overlook.


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