Drake the Enforcer

A revenant in the employ of the Order of the Black Feather...


…Drake has been sent to Overlook by the Raven Queen to fulfill some destiny of which he is not totally aware.

After his heroics in the defeat of the Bonecruncher Clan, he will be known forever in ogre circles as Devil Man. This battle was fought in front of a cheering crowd of ogres from all over the world, gathered in an enclave of the Shadowfell known as Umbraforge.


Drake was born a Goliath. Named thusly so that he could fly above his destiny and see its course clearly. But this was not to be. As a young warden he descended his mountain to overlook and took a job with many adventures to remove a necromancer from Shantytown. The necromancer did not kill him when he was captured. Instead, Rufus Crumley decided to make an example of him. The necromancer sold him into slavery to some Duergar slavers operating out of Thunderspire Labyrinth. Those dark dwarves sold him in turn to the Drow, who used him as a plaything while they worked him in their deep, hot mines.

He proved so resilient that the Drow matrons who had used him so cruelly could not work him to death in their hottest volcanic mines. Another slave, Nox Rhasgar taught him to resist the fires of the volcanoes.

Seeing the opportunity for still more profit, the Drow sold both to the djinns of the City of Brass, who are always looking for slaves who can stand the work in the extreme temperatures of their domain.

It was in the dungeons of those masters of the Elemental Chaos that he met a dwarven warden who taught him to feign subservience to the egotistical djinns. The dwarf insisted the masters of the City of Brass could be tricked by such means into sending Drake on unsupervised missions which might give him the chance to escape.

Eventually, this strategy began to pay off with unsupervised trips around the markets and souks of the city itself. They found it especially useful to send the warden into The Keffinspires because of his knowledge of stone and steel. Drake bided his time, heeding the dwarf’s advice that the city itself was difficult to escape from.

Finally, the job he had hoped for came: Desperate for a loyal servant who could pass unnoticed in the camps around the Umbraforge, an efreet named Bashamgurda called Drake’s owner to his castle to ask for the goliath’s services. He had need of someone who knew the interplay of stone, fire and shadow well enough to find out what was going on in the forges being constructed there (which seemed to be leaching fire magicks from the Plane of Elemental Chaos as well as shadow magicks from the Shadowfell). Hoping Drake’s inexperience with shadow would be covered by his experience on The Street of Steel, Drake’s master decided to recommend the goliath as one of his most loyal slaves. He knew that he would not be out much gold should Drake fail. And, should the warden succeed, the djinn would get in good with the master of the Charcoal Palace.

Even though he planned to escape in the Shadowfell, Drake could not help being interested in his mission: He decided to explore the forges of Sarshan as he looked for an opportunity to make his getaway.

Sarshan’s main forge was heavily guarded. So Drake decided to use his ability to shape stone to create another way in. As he carefully made a secret opening, an earthquake hit, aiding his work but damaging the building in the process. Inside, Drake caught Sarshan in one of his most dastardly deeds and died for his trouble. Witnessing the death of a dwarf named Ithoryn Mountainhome, Drake heard the dwarf’s oath as he died. When Sarshan turned and slew the warden as well, Drake was able to channel the insane magicks — fire and shadow, forged in stone — of the Umbraforge into the dwarf’s death oath.

“By Blood, by Fire, and by Darkness… so shall it be”

Thus empowered, the oath was sufficient to attract the attention of The Raven Queen. Before this very moment she had not been aware of the machinations of Sarshan, even those being conducted within her very domain. Once she saw what was going on, however, she realized that Sarshan was himself merely a pawn in a much larger game: a game designed to upset the Balance between good and evil.

Fortunately for the Raven Queen, the oath itself serves the Balance in ways the dwarven swordsmith could never anticipate. Drawing on the power of the oath (supplied by Drake himself), the Raven Queen plucked the dwarf and Drake from the twisting maelstrom of incorporeal souls. Bursting onto the floor before her throne in an eruption of light and mist, the goliath and the dwarf regained mortal form as revenants. Seeming to take no interest their plight, she searched their features in silent judgement…

…judgement not of their lives…

…but of their oaths.

For the oaths have already spawned rumors.

Given new bodies with few memories intact (not even the name of their killer), Drake and the dwarf have been commanded by their queen to delay their revenge because the vengeance is of little concern to the Queen of Death, but the oaths still have a part to play in her plan to save the Balance.

Now working for the Black Feather, Drake unleashes his rage upon the enemies of the dark lady who gave him a second chance. He delights in the bloodshed and sending his opponents to the wintery embrace of his goddess. In his second life he has no fear of death knowing that what he does is for a higher purpose and besides: dying the first time wasn’t THAT bad.

Now years later he has regained some of his previous life’s emotions and memories. He has retrained some of his skills as a warden and has a weak spot for upset women whom he tries to comfort (but is usually subverted by Grigore who says something crass which is followed by drake beating him up and someone else comforting the girl about the two brutes.) Despite this Goldforge is Drakes best friend which he follows loyally believing him to be a count. He also thinks he’s human and that all the ruses in which Grigore plays a vryloka are just a disguise… well no one has ever accused Drake of being bright.

“You who fear death tremble for i come. You who tremble at fate come and answer. for you have been challenged. Arrive in droves and fight at the mighty’s side! for if you do not then KNOW that death has come for You! see it in my eyes and know that there is no hope that can save you.
and as i stand atop the mountain of my broken enemies i pray… and so my eyes grow brighter”

Drake the Enforcer

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