Garen Bladerun

a dragonborn paladin


Occasionally off-color (for a paladin), Garen is a very large dragonborn. He was born in the swamps south of the eastern end of Nentir Vale.


A member of the Order of the Platinum Dragon before it was betrayed by its leaders, Garen Bladerun was sent on a suicide mission by a mentor who thought he was uncorruptible.

Suspicious of the nature of the mission (it was his suspicious nature that his mentor feared the most), he crept back into the order’s headquarters and heard the leaders’ real plans for the order. They had sold out via a no-bid contract to Tiamat herself.

Heading northwest to Nentir Vale, Garen soon heard rumors of a great war in the West. Recently culminating with the siege of Overlook, this war had brought forth an unlikely band of heroes: Associated with the Order of the Black Feather, this group had defeated the general of the opposing army (who is said to have ridden an undead dragon into battle).

Once he got to Overlook, however, he picked up on another rumor: This band had freed a young woman imprisoned in a sword. He went to meet the new head of the Temple of Erathis in the Divine Knot. This new leader, known as Elyas, was reportedly involved in the actions of this band up until quite recently.

Garen went to the run-down temple only to find this Elyas and the young lady, Amyria, talking in the sanctuary. When the paladin knelt and prayed an unusual thing happened: A silvery glow appeared around Amyria’s head (which only the paladin praying to Bahamut could see).

Elyas provided Bladerun with transport to the City of Argent where he met the band of heroes in time to hear their leader christen them the Golden Scales.

GAREN BLADERUN: Always since hatching was the largest out of the entire litter. Of noble heart always looked out for his siblings.

Even went without to make sure that the runts of the litter ate. Valcor Shadowbane the elder of the village took notice of this abnormal behavior. Pulling young Garen aside told him that he was destined to become a great warrior.

Three strangers appeared in the village. They had the appearance of being old comrades and spoke with Valcor in a private audience striking the curiosity of young Garen.

chapter 1 done

The moment that the young Garen got close to the nearby hut — trying hard not to be discovered — he heard them. To his surprise he got the shock of his life. He found out that part of his soul was meshed with deity long forgotten. The Great Dragon Io — the father of Bahamut and Tiamat — was inside of someone so young the three were there to argue about who would get him.

One introduced herself as a queen, Ileosa of Korvosa, the other from the order of the paladins last, and the final one was from the Lost Temple and two first-round draft picks to be named later.

The priest had proclaimed that with a God so he could do great healing one day but without guidance he could do great harm.

The Paladin said he could train him guide him to the path of justice and the protection of others therefore he should take him to the temple of the platinum dragon to be raised and trained for one day to be a part of a Titanic battle that would shake the world to its core.

Sometimes Garen dreamed of these three: usually Queen Ileosa. In his dreams, Korvosa was ruled by a king, who sat on a crimson throne. But the throne was cursed. In his dreams anyone who sat on the Crimson Throne was doomed to die an early death. No monarch of Korvosa had ever died of old age. None had ever produced an heir while they ruled. Eodred Arabasti II now rules. No sign of the curse has appeared, even though the king approaches old age. Could he be somehow immune to the curse? In his dreams, King Eodred marries a young woman after a scandalously short courtship: Queen Ileosa, the same queen who came to Garen’s village when he was young.

The man from The Lost Temple said “we should hide him so no one could ever harness his power for evil we can keep you safe set them in the Lost Temple he will be well-kept and protected from all evil”.

After a few seconds the younger Garen snapped out of it and ran into the hut and proclaimed, "Don’t I get to decide about my own destiny? Aren’t I in control of it? Don’t I get to say what happens to me?

“You you speak of protecting me, controlling me, fearing the power I may possess, never knowing that which lies within. I am not an object to be used. I am not an object to be stored away. I am not an object at all I am a living person with thoughts and feelings.

“And right now the only feeling I have is rage-that-cannot-be-quelled. For who are you to decide one’s fate? An old woman from the temple who only gives healing and words of kindness, a Paladin who protects others but yet causes pain or a hermit who sits in a temple all day reading books not knowing what pain and suffering others are going through while you were reading your books?

“Humble yourselves, walk one day in The Village’s shoes. Do not walk as though your purpose is higher than theirs. For it is not you are on the same level has everyone on this ground dragon or insect we are all the same. Prove to me what you are doing this just and I will follow do not tell me a lie or I will never trust you again for only the truth is what I seek. The man from The Lost Temple jumped out of his seat in an uproar are we going to let a little kid tell us how we should act the impudence of one so young so foolish the elf proclaimed. the old Priestess said the kid has Merit and what he says is true we should have asked him or at least made it known of our attentions before we convened this Council. The Paladin laughed sit down you old farts there is nothing to be said we need to show what he will be getting in exchange for his services not empty words but actually observation of the power he can possess so old lady Gisele why don’t you go first show The Voice but he will have if he goes with you. Okay I will show him the wonders of priesthood and therefore he will decide to be the healer and not cause any pain to those of the living for that is the truth right way. So the three exited the Hutt soon the Elder and Garden followed she picked out a injured Hunter coming back from a successful hunt and said wait one moment I will heal you just stay perfectly still and would love one touch of her hand a sparkle of light the man’s wound heal in an instant. The palate left I can do that easily and I can fend off Beast of all kinds I will teach you the art of The Sword and the shield also healing and the skills to destroy Undead. The elf never gave his name but he showed an Arcane ability like that from ancient times out of nowhere he conjured up a beast then he has some sort of magic and from that magic shot arcane lights fired at the Beast and said this” this is what it’s like to have such power that I obtained through hundreds of years of study you too can have such power in a far smaller amount of time because of your aptitude with the divine. Garen ask why did you hurt that animal he did not do anything to you he wasn’t even threatening you you summoned him so why did you hurt him you are not a nice man you use anything at your possession to get your job done don’t you I do not want to be like you but you don’t want to be a cold I do not want to be heartless I do not want to hurt things that did not hurt anyone. The elf looking confused I need it at Target so I created 1 I do not see the problem in Conjuring something to facilitate that need you are just too young to understand the complexities. Garen exclaimed I have made my choice I choose the Paladin for the priest has the same powers of the Paladin yet the Paladin protect s the week for any week I will be ready for you to pick me up you can stay at the Village while I get things ready I need to say goodbye to friends and get my items together then I will be ready to walk with you. Chapter 2 complete

Garen Bladerun

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