Drow bard


Cowardly and clownish, Jerath tries to stay around just long enough to have maximum impact on the battle and then leaves.


Jerath has embarked on a career as a performer in Overlook, having discovered that his act (as an arachnophobic drow) makes it difficult for anyone in the dwarven city to fear him. (This act is further enhanced by the fact that the city’s gnomes have discovered that spiders, or even the illusions of spiders send him into paroxysms of fear. His act is often interrupted by practical jokers releasing spiders or casting illusions of driders.)

“She is a woman, therefore may be woo’d;
She is a woman, therefore may be won.”
— Titus Androwdicus, Act II, Scene 1

While the drow bard keeps his one-man show about his strange phobia going to avoid the racial profiling which marred his first day in Overlook, he is also expanding his career to include playwriting. So far he has just started collecting aphorisms which he believes can be adapted to his plays. For instance, he recently told an adventuring party which included a Vryloka who constantly comments on his affection for sunlight that “I think the Vryloka protests too much.” He is trying write a play in which an aristocratic fop (patterned on one of his own family members) says, “Methinks the lady doth protest too much.”

“Tut! I have done a thousand dreadful things
As willingly as one would kill a fly.”
— Titus Androwdicus, Act V, Scene 1

Jerath’s latest play is Roland and Juliet, the tale of two star-crossed lovers based loosely on the relationship between Roland and Belinda. In the play, Roland is a drow and Juliet is an elf, so their love is fated to come to an unhappy end.

“I’ve looked at swords from both sides now,
From cut and thrust, and still somehow,
It’s sword illusions I recall.
I really don’t know swords at all.”
— from Both Sides, Now
a big musical number in Roland and Juliet

Having impulsively invited Belinda to star in his next play, the bard is desperately working on a new comedy, tentatively titled A Elf’s Night Party. Belinda is not thinking much about the whole acting thing. She recently found out her father has been murdered. Jerath’s patron, along with pretty much everyone else, is convinced Roland killed Faren Markelhay on orders from Tiamat.

The patron, Grigore Goldforge, wants Jerath to write a play about the murder … to be titled Roland the Betrayer. But Jerath is the only one who suspects Belinda is right in doubting Roland’s guilt.

He is considering getting Jerath to finance his “reseach” for such a play. But such research may turn into an effort to help Belinda clear Roland’s name.


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