...a deva cleric from Nefelus


A pacifist, Kerem has long lived in the peaceful magocracy of Nefelus.

The Mage-Kings of the Thraxinium rule that island nation with a beneficent hand. Long ago the lush and tropical land withdrew from the affairs of the rest of the material plane. Though isolated from dealings with the rest of the world. Now they have heard rumors that suggest someone is trying to break their isolation. So they have sent Kerem to find out more.

Kerem is a cloistered priest of Chantea who is also a pacifist healer. He knows some alchemy (Sovereign Glue and Universal Solvent) and is a ritual caster as well.


Kerem is still not sure why the Thraxinium had selected him to investigate the rumor. Perhaps his inherently passive nature made it less likely that he would embroil the leaders of the magocracy in commitments they might find uncomfortable.

“Long have we striven to remain detached from the affairs of the mainland,” Bejam himself had explained. “But now we have rumors that come that a deva not associated with Nefelus is stirring up the Githzerai.”

Wellik the Elder had confirmed the rumors: A deva was stirring up trouble; at least, she had asked the Githzerai to become involved in the defense of Overlook, one of the few places which had withstood a wide-ranging Githyanki offensive across much of the material plane.

This deva who had requested Wellik the Elder to convince the reluctant Githzerai to rally to Overlook as the best place to make a stand against the Githyanki was apparently trying to organize the resistance everywhere.

Kerem’s superiors had even hinted that this Amyria had even approached the Thraxinium about ending their isolationism to take a hand. Absurd, of course, given Nefalus’s long-standing withdrawal from the affairs of the world.


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