Shardmind Psionic of Logic and Law.


A blue shardmind Dedicated to law and reason above all else.

He has a Pet Hippogryph named Xerxes.

He dreams of one day building a castle and ruling over an Army of Psionics to spread Law and Order around the world.

Law is all that is important to the world. All else comes second.

As a Shard mind he is Mostly Emotionless but the Second he snaps he snaps violently.

He has a Tendency to call non-Shardminds Organics even if they were not born.


Krasire was Originally taken in by an Order of Shardmind Psions in Waterdeep where he was trained how to use his Psionic powers with immense efficiency.

As time when on his skill grew until he Became a Masked Lord of Waterdeep. He ruled by logic until he heard several of his Fellow Lords plotting to kill him. He was forced to Flee the city.

He began to Explore the many different Realms of the World until he learned of the Silver Flame. He became addicted to the Law and Justice that the Silver Flame Preached and wanted to spread the Law and Logic to all worlds.

He Began to adventure and preach the teachings of the Silver flame until he arrived in Argent. Learning of the Cities plight he searched for aide with the Coalition for the City.


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