Dragonborn Sorceror


Born in the mountains southeast of Fallcrest, Lagolas has managed to inure himself to the cold of the glaciers near where he was born by aligning himself with a silver dragon he met there.

He likes to blast his enemies so much that he is willing to include allies in those blasts. Such a tactic would make him vastly unpopular were it not for his ability to shield them and take the damage himself.


Born under a bad sign, Lagolas was given an elven name for reasons only his family really understood. Unfortunately, they cannot tell anyone because they were all killed. Lag feels honor-bound to kill whoever it was that destroyed his family.

Recently, a demon named Ambassador Tien taunted him with the suggestion that the Great Gark was about to destroy a village in a nearby swamp. He hurried there to save the village from the kind of fate his family had suffered.

But it was not under attack. He found a dragonborn warlord there who explained that no such attack had come.

The demonic ambassador showed up again, laughing at the fact that he had tricked Lagolas into coming to the swamp when he was really needed at Thunderspire Labyrinth where the Great Gark was aided a mage named Paldemar in a plan to take over the ancient Minotaur fortress.

So, the two dragonborn heroes set off to thwart the Great Gark’s plans.


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