Nightshade Shadowfox

Monster, perhaps related in some way to Shadowfox


A bone-white Centipede as long as Trinity Shadowfox is tall, three eyes and a Neural Interface on the bottom.

She melds her segments together to turn into the Reaper’s Mask. (No way for Shadowfox to know that.)

{Capable of possessing Trinity’s Cloak of Nightmares.} (Maybe) {While doing this she can communicate by manipulating the Cloak to make whispery sounds.}(requires previous statment.)

Capable of watching through her eye-holes when in Mask shape, but not anything else, -she requires a large Burst of Magic energy to be able to shift.

Seems to have a thing for liches.


something-something liche something-something masque something-something

Nightshade Shadowfox

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