Raxor Steelwall

Half-Orc Monk


Contemplating his birthmark in the mirror, Raxor Steelwind asked himself what Fate had in store for him.

He had wandered the worlds of the Material Plane, seeking his lost leader. He had seen many things, but nowhere did he find any hint of House Alagondar. He had come to see libraries as his best hope. Perhaps one of them, somewhere, would have the clues he needed.

Cymril looked at the half-orc with a mixture of despair and hope. “When I am gone, I charge you with the most important task of all: finding the true heir of the House Alagondar.”

A wandering Orc told him of the Court of Nactur in the Goblin Kingdom of the Feywilde. There he found an insane king, nominally allied with something called The Winter Court. The Great Gark, as he styled himself, told him of the libraries of the Material Plane.

“Many will tell you of the wonders found in the libraries of Sayre,” the Goblin king shrieked. “But I know the eyes of The Winter Court — and of The Summer Court as well — have turned to a different kind of library.”

Then the Great Gark described an island, isolated from the rest of the world, where knowledge was worshiped like a god. “And there, on Nefelus, you will find a library built in the form of a temple. That is where Unselie and Selie both send their spies.”

As another of the Sons of Alagondar rushed into their safe house, Raxor felt a sense of impending doom. “The Dead Rats are reporting Cymril is dead!” And Raxor knew he would be leaving Neverwinter soon. The heir would never be found here on the Sword Coast.

Spies or researchers, Raxor did not care what the crazy Goblin called them. If they were seeking the Seed of Winter there, maybe he could find the seed he sought — the seed of Alagondar.

But Nefelus was not easy to find. Eventually Raxor found the University of Sayre. And he decided he might have to settle for the second-best university in the world. Certainly the residents of Sayre’s slums thought the libraries uptown were just as good as the temple in Nefelus.

Then he heard about a local Githzerai champion, who was seeking information on Nefelus. Her name was Amyria, and she had recently saved Sayre.

When he heard she was mounting an expedition to the island of Nefelus, Raxor decided to seek her out.

Raxor Steelwall

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