Rodickham Tal'Thrinn

A dragonborn slayer, whose auspicious birth was probably responsible for the gifts he received from his people at his coming-of-age ceremony


While most of his childhood friends grew up asking their halfling neighbors to train them a carver, Rodickham favored the smaller mounts which the hobbits also preferred: Clawfeet.

When he completed his coming-of-age rituals, he was surprised by the generosity of the gifts his village showered upon him: A challenge-seeking sword, Black Iron scale armor, a young Clawfoot, and a baffling cape. The cape may have something to do with why he became an explorer. The ancient crone who taught him history (somewhat unsuccessfully) told him that it was part of a set of equipment which belonged to a hero out of the distant past, when the dragonborn ruled a vast empire.

Rodickham Tal'Thrinn

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