Trinity Shadowfox

A revenant assassin with an... odd personality


Can only remember fragments of her existence as a Hamadryad.

Remembers being plucked from the Maelstrom of Souls in Letherna by the Raven Queen.

Awoke in the graveyard district of Overlook which is known as The Boneyard. She wandered aimless and unknowing until she found a temple dedicated to the Raven Queen. Mistaking it for an insane asylum (although if you ask she will call it the Aseeloom Hotel), she wandered inside. Seeking the lower levels of the “asylum” — where she assumed torture devices could be found — she found a long corridor which ended in the basement of the headquarters of The Order of the Black Feather.

There she realized she was an assassin and joined the assassin’s guild immediately.

They assigned her to a political/diplomatic mission in Sayre.

Her party members have begun to notice her multiple personalities…

  1. Grim
    The most openly unstable of her three facets, Grim is a killer by heart, mind, and soulshard. The mask seems to look more aggressive and Waspish when Grim is in control, growing a pair of long, hammer like horns that seem designed to ram enemies.

so yer still live eh? ∑˙¥ ∂ø˜æ† ∑´ ƒˆ≈ †˙¿-Grim shadowfox, commenting on the state of a particularly durable victim of one of her killing sprees.

  1. Shade
    Very shy and submissive, but like all of trinity’s facets, she can only take so much before she explodes. The mask seems to be designed to be forgettable and Mantis-like, making her seem so uninteresting that she is almost invisible even to a trained observer.

I wish you would just leave me alone…-Shade Shadowfox, speaking to a particularly bothersome group of idiotic teenagers.

  1. Cain
    The most stable of the three, Cain is the most trustworthy facet, having a wolflike mentality when it comes to her friends. Comfortable in almost any situation, Cain has been known to participate in tea parties, tavern brawls, and rumor has is that she was instrumental in the success of Amyria’s campaign. The mask seems to become visibly thicker and Locust-like, designed for speed and damage.

ˆƒ ¥ø¨ †ø¨ç˙ ø˜´ ˙刮 ø˜ †˙´ˆ® ˙á∂ß, I ∑ˆl¬ måk´ ¥ø¨ wˆs˙ ¥ø¨ ∑é®´ñ´√e® ∫ørñ…-Cain Shadowfox, speaking to a group of particularly troublesome murderers.

When animated, her shadow seems take the form of a spider-like creature.

Trinity Shadowfox

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