Valna of the Moonstair

Twilight Guardian, dedicated to protecting the natural world from the encroaching darkness


Valna is an elven ranger. His expertise is hunting, and he worships Correlion.


Not long after he became a full-fledged member of the Twilight Guardians, Valna was ordered to descend the Moonstair and deliver a reward to a human warden there. He took this task seriously, as the reward consisted of living creatures: Rare mounts known as Trihorn Behemoths.

And the Twilight Master had another, more secret, task: “Find out what the people of Fallcrest know about the dealings of the Unselie. The Great Gark has taken an interest. And we have known for some time that the oracle of the Stone-Skinned King has been making predictions about this region.”

The Lord Warden of Fallcrest did not seem to value them quite so highly. Housed in his stables, they made the horses nervous. So the warden gifted them, in turn, to a band of adventurers who could be counted on to keep the beasts away from his other mounts.

Valna was not sure he approved of the Lord Warden’s attitude toward his charges, so he followed them into Thunderspire Labyrinth, where he found them stabled at an in a place called The Seven-Pillared Hall.

Valna of the Moonstair

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