Lady Winter's Hammer

the winterforged family legacy


Lady Winters Hammer is in the form of a mordenkrad. a hammer originally meant to fight giants with that is favored by dwarfs to break enemy lines. this hammer and shaft is carved with runes for winter and death spoken by the raven queen herself and it is made entirely from steal that permanently looks covered in frost. while having no abilities beyond that of a mortal frost weapon it is without a doubt a well made weapon none the less.
because of the divine words carved into it it is the envy of rune priests every where as a rare work. this is because it is the runes created by the raven queen who was not a goddess during the primordial war which is when most runes were made and then lost.


decided to upgrade this after reading the changes made to my back ground so there wouldn’t be inconsistencies.
Alexander’s great grandfather was ordered by moridan to make a weapon. he made a mordenkrad to honer his ancestor"s efforts against giants. when he had finished his work he decided that he could make it better and using the land around him as inspiration he endeavored to create a weapon of frost. he struggled however at completing it. the raven queen seeing him striving so hard at a honer to her aspect. offered to help him if he and his family would continue to improve it. little did he know that it was because the raven queen knew that a wielder of this hammer would one day be of use to her. thus she inscribed it with the runes of winter the death of the seasons including frost and the 7 runes of death. having made his weapon the winterforged family was born and the dwarf passed his work onto his son
the mans son spent his life learning forge work and succeeded in upgrading the weapon once but his son, Alexander’s father, was restless and decided to become a soldier. the smith decided to give him the mordenkrad to make him strong.
he joined the shock troopers and made a name for himself with his enormous hammer. a paladin became impressed with him and after many adventures they drank to much ale while visiting an outpost near elven lands and had kids.
the current generation has hopes that together their efforts shall advance their quest.

Lady Winter's Hammer

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