Monsters and Trinkets

An adventurers guide of things that kill you and things to kill with.


Chance Runners masterpiece. He’s possibly a little bit delusional about it.

He believes that he has used his long life to his advantage. But it more likely that long life serves the advantage of some more powerful being (like the Raven Queen…or even Kord).

When Chance realized that the Raven Queen intended to keep him around for a long time, he decided to use this extra time to collect as large an amount of knowledge on monsters and the more common magic items.

What makes this collection special is Chance’s status as 400-year-old revenant who was once a deva. At first he set aside a few days each year in which to delve into previous lifetimes. He thought this would be enough to have hundreds of thousands of visions over the course of centuries.

Kord laughed when he realized what the Deva who had betrayed him was doing: “His math skills are betraying the traitor.” Kord did not have as much experience with god-lawyers as the Raven Queen did. But he knew how to spot one when he saw one. These mortals believed they could use the precise wording of the gods who gave them their powers to trick the gods themselves. “Doesn’t always work,” Kord chuckled to the Raven Queen.

After the first century, Chance decided it was a good time to consider his progress. The book was growing large (in fact, he had to copy it into a larger tome when he began to run out of space in the original volume, even as he wrote smaller and smaller). The opponents of his previous lives must have been many because he was able to do this using the only deva power he retained: Memories of a Thousand Lifetimes.

But he could not use it as often as he thought possible when he started. Using it for hours at a time, did not produce the number of visions per hour he expected. When he was fighting or engaged in other challenging activity, each new challenge seemed to provide a moment when a vision was needed. The visions seemed to come in moments of stress, when he could not figure something out or was about to fail at something.

Hoping to improve his rate of hallucinating, Chance sought out a forbidden monastery, renown for its mercurial Lightning Fury monks. Some of their extreme sports enabled him to increase the rate at which he had his visions.

At the end of his second century, Chance took another look at his masterwork, counting the number of visions which related to monsters and magickal items. He was greatly disappointed when he realized that even the meditation techniques he had learned on the craggy peaks of the Temple of the Lightning Fury (near Sayre) had not brought his total number of entries over 100,000.

“You’re right about that,” replied the Raven Queen, whose experiences with liches trying to cheat beat death alone would have “dwarfed” the total number of god-lawyers the God of Strength would ever have encountered. “Perhaps we can have some fun with this Betrayer of Gods.”

At this point, anyone else reading the book would take it to be the diary of a madman. Chance described in its pages more encounters with creatures (some of them long extinct) than any person could meet in a single lifetime. Not to mention the list of items he claims to have seen.

Still Chance remains unsatisfied. He said hundreds of thousands and he wants hundreds of thousands. So he began to increase the number of days each year he spent in meditation. He also began to use fasting as means of increasing the effectiveness of his meditation.

Count after 300 years: 105,679 monsters and 35,000 items.

Chance was uncertain on the number of duplicates among the monsters.

“That’s right! He did betray both myself and Bahamut.” Kord mused. He had more experience with making things than did the Goddess of Unmaking. “Maybe we should turn it into an Artifact. He does seem interested in such trinkets…always seeking them out in his visions.”

In the last 100 years, Chance has grown desperate enough to try drugs to improve the quantity of his visions (if not the quality).

And it seems to be paying off: Recently the tome seems to be talking to him. He’s not sure he is still sane.

This leaves him two problems:

  1. Is the book really a sentient Artifact or is he simple insane? and
  2. If it is an Artifact, how can he increase his concordance with it?

possible effect subject to gm consideration. as long as chance has spent at least an hour a day reading this book he can gain the following benefit. when using memories of a thousand life times on a item identification roll or a monster knowledge roll the power is not expended on a success. This is to represent that the info is from his book and thus learned from one of the memories he uncovered in his meditation. failure means that he could not recall the information and had to use a new use of memories of a thousand life times and thus is subject to normal results of such.


The few days a year Chance sets aside for meditation and writing in this book often involve some degree of fasting. He has even tried drugs as a way of improving the visions.

Monsters and Trinkets

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