Reapers mask

a bone mask that seems to be carved from wood or stone, at times.


cost of utilization:

wearers sanity; depends on the level of concordance the wearer has achieved.

automatically granting the effects of the item “A shattered mind… A shattered soul…”, sometimes causing the wearer to commit suicide unless already insane.

Known powers:

Passively animates the shadows of some enemies of the wearer (Nightshade Shadowfox knows which ones, but Grim does not. Cain believes they have to be enemies of the Raven Queen as well as of Trinity. Shade believes that it has something to do with the nature of the skull from which it was fashioned.

All three believe it will use the enemies’ shadows to protect wearer and kill others who threaten the wearer.

If wearer dies the mask may become the deceased character, given two turns the mask can assimilate the former hosts shadow into its own—IF the Bond has reached level 25—and then use the shadow a means of locomotion as well as a weapon. If the assimilation succeeds the mask takes on the former hosts mind, or minds, as the case may be. If assimilation is successful the mask is considered to be the old PC and is referred to the same way. Think of it like becoming a revenant. just without the negative side affects.

The Reapers Mask is incredibly detrimental to the hosts sanity, forcing the host to perform a saving throw vs insanity at the START of the hosts turn. If the host fails this saving throw, two things happen: the line of success goes up by one from 12(initial) to 13, then to 14, then 15 then to 16(final), secondly; the hosts normal three actions(move, minor, standard) are reduced to three move actions, which will damage any characters the host passes(friendly or not) and speed is tripled; abilities labeled as free actions or no actions are still usable.
succeeding a saving throw decreases the line of success by one until the lowest value: 8. failing 5 saving throws in a row will cause the host to lose all remaining shreds of sanity, attacking friend and foe alike until knocked unconscious(bloodied). Gaining 5000 experience whilst wearing the mask, or succeeding stages of the dreamquest, will increase the Bond between it and the host, once the Bond is lvl 10, the mask will no longer subject the host to saving throws vs insanity, and at Bond lvl 20, the mask will will turn the shadows of madness on the hosts foes, and forcing THEM to undergo these saving throws. If the host improves the bond to lvl 25, the mask will revive the host after death ONE TIME. The bond can be improved a maximum 25 times before stats begin to improve. The mask will do it’s best to stabilize it’s wearer should it’s host be knocked out.


Created by the Raven Queen. Probably as a weapon. Probably aimed at her worst enemies. Given to Trinity Shadowfox when she was plucked out of the Maelstrom. Possibly as a reward for something done in the past.

At the present, none of Trinity’s shards has any idea how to achieve concordance with the masque. But they are all convinced they will not be able to wear it until they achieve better concordance.

Reapers mask

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