Journal of a shadow of life

A small, leatherbound book, with a seemingly infinite number of pages.


Deals no damage, serves as a recording of the life of its bearer.


Entry #1: I don’t know where I am, barely even know WHO I am anymore…
I don’t know what to do, so I figure that I might as well head forward until I come to a wall.
I remember snatches of the past who knows how long, and I’m fairly sure my name is trinity.
Entry #2: Just met these supposed teammates and I can already tell that this is going to be hilarious.
Entry#3: this whole politics thing is overrated, but running down that messenger was fun, and I enjoyed the meal as well
Entry#4: it’s been a while since I wrote anything down in here, and I think I might start using this for battle accounts.
Okay, let’s see…
I woke up in that secret chamber, back at the Fane of Chanir, and

Journal of a shadow of life

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