Singularity Stones

A pair of inky black pearls that can manipulate gravity.


Cost: A sizable chunk of both hands, the palms to be specific.
Increases grip strength: +10 on acrobatics climbing rolls.
Increases grab length: attacks that are labeled as grabs last three rounds longer, and deal 25 damage per turn.
Decreases max health: max health is decreased by 10
Increases weapon reach: weapon reach is increased by 2
Decreases light level: light level within a 5 square radius of the user is decreased to the point where one could open a portal to the Shadowfell, giving a automatic success to stealth checks. This can be turned off as an immediate reaction to provide doubled speed and modifiers at the cost of 10 health, regenerated when darkness returns. Continuously containing the darkness for 3 rounds will initiate saving throws vs corruption at the end of each of the users turns, which obey the same rules as saving throws vs insanity. failing 1 saving throws vs corruption in a row will incapacitate the user, forcing them into their own mind to combat the corruption. Being reduced to 0 hit points in the mindscape will cause the user to wake up and turn feral, attacking anyone within visual range, ignoring concealment, invisibility, cover, superior cover, and actively seeking out characters within 30 squares of the user. This can be cured several ways: being tamed by a lvl 15 druid(must be bloodied), have their mindscape entered by a lvl 16 psion(you’ll want to bring the rest of the party along), or being killed(easiest option).
If the cocktail filled spikes below are present, all attacks pin enemies and deal 25 damage over time(same as grabs) until a successful saving throw vs poison is made(same rules as corruption and insanity saving throws)
defeating the corruption will spare the mind from the change induced, but not the body(STABILITY!!!!!!).


in the possession of Cochlain for the past 25 years, they were found embedded in the hands of the corpse of the last king of a long extinct country, the archaeologists who discovered it were subsequently pulled into the twin black holes generated by the stones. Similar in makeup as the Reaper’s mask, they are only SHAPED like pearls. Test have shown that containing the darkness generated by the Stones for an extended time period causes extreme mental degradation and physical mutation. Test subjects have almost invariably turned bestial in both mental state and physical form. Exceptions include: Trinity Shadowfox, Shape: Her cloak seems to melt into her body, making her form ripple like a mirage. it changes. sometimes insect-like, tall and slender, with big hands, sharp claws and sharper teeth; sometimes fox-like, with three long prehensile, barbed tails capable of flinging crystalline spikes up to a mile away with deadly accuracy; sometimes treelike, with many prehensile roots and grabby branches, roots have a tendency to drag unsuspecting victims deep beneath the ground to be fed upon; spikes are prevalent in all three forms and have proven to be filled with a mixture of acid, shadow-snake venom, and pure liquefied darkness, probably for feeding purposes.

Singularity Stones

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