The Leader's Helm

A Helmet Designed for Healing, Protecting and Inspiring


This headgear of the purest Sky Metal that glows with silver energy. It is a magical helmet that helps the wearer protect all she heals: Whenever she uses a power with the “healing” keyword, the targets of that power get a resist 5 against cold damage and a resist 5 against fire damage until the end of the wearer’s next turn.

It has one daily power: As a minor action the wearer can give each ally she can see a bonus to their next attack roll: +1 for each unique Implement of Argent being worn by her allies in the current encounter.

As one of the Implements of Argent, the Leader’s Helm is capable of linking to other such Implements to truly shine.


After Andrea Ravn brought the Sky Metal to him from the past, Obanar agreed to fashion this helmet for her to use in the defense of Argent.

The Leader's Helm

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