The Platinum Sword

An historical relic...

weapon (melee)

…that speaks to the party.

No amount of arcane scrying has thus far discovered any magic in the blade. But Drake the Enforcer pointed out that platinum is the metal of a very prominent dragon. And Elyas found religious symbols indicating a celestial origin.


The platinum sword is an ornamental blade, perhaps ceremonial. It is a relic some earlier heroic age where it played a major role in saving Brindol from barbarian invasions. Those barbarians included a band of hobgoblins known as The Red Hand.

Recently Sarshan was able to convince a hobgoblin with some troll or ogre blood in him to try to revive The Red Hand. Sinruth stole the sword and other relics from the museum in Brindol only to be hunted down by Sun Li, Li Sun, Paine, and Zell. Visage, Ayaz and Blackguard’s Bane took part as well.

Restored to its place in the museum, the sword began to talk to Sa’fen, urging her to find Paine and her friends. Blackguard’s Bane redirected Sa’fen to a friend of Paine: Rinoa. Rinoa answered the sword’s call and took it to an ancient Githzerai fortress so she and her friends could perform a ritual on the sword and release the spirit within.

The Platinum Sword

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