The Rod of the Goblins of the Abyss

The Shallion Name Sake


When Maxim Shalion’s Ancestor had her first child united a small legion of hobgoblins to have a surprise attack upon the Magocracy vault in Nerath to recover the Abyssmal artifact that cursed his mother. He then used magic to attach it to a Rod to increase his power.

This Rod has been Passed down the Shalion Family for generations. It is now in the hands of Maxim Shalion.

Tremble in fear you inferior scum this Rod will be your doom. -Maxim Shalion

This Rod adds Great power to its wielder. It grants a plus 17 to rolls on all spells.

(it is essentially a Rod of implement darkness just renamed)


The Rod of the Goblins of the Abyss

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