Wicked Fang

a glorious sword...

weapon (melee)

…that is much fought over.

first found on the body of a great gnoll warrior by Esturu. an argument erupted over its ownership. Esturu took the sword despite Drakes doubts that he would wield it efficiently. in doing so Esturu formed a bond with the longsword leading to it speaking mostly only to him. soon after Esturu fell unconscious and Wicked Fang asked Drake to wield him in the final battle for the castle. where drake slayed the chief shaman with Wicked Fang. this event plus the fact the Grigore Goldforge gained leadership of the party in the outrage over loot distribution means that it is unlikely Esturu will ever wield wicked fang again but only time will tell.

Wicked Fang was thought cursed because of the fate of its first two wielders but the raven queen dispelled these rumors. that’s not to say that trouble doesn’t follow it around.

Zumos fears the worst

Zumos watched as Drake began to stroke and fondle Wicked Fang, did he intend to stab the unconscious form of Esteru. Thrice Drake had tried to claim magic items for himself since Zumos and Esteru had joined the group… even items which he could not use effectively. First claim was on one of two amulets of healin. These were argued over by Drake and the group for some length of time. Even after the group had finally come to an agreement that both the healers (the shaman and the ardent) should recieve these amulets; Drake had grumbled he didn’t think it was necessary for both the healers to have an amulets, but had finally he let it drop.

The second magic item was a cloak of protection and stealth. When Zumos stepped forward to claim this item Drake argued he should get it even though he had higher armor class than Zumos. When it was pointed out that both Zumos and Drake had neck items; Zumos had offered to give his amulet of protection to Elya, but the group decided against Zumos and Drake. Instead the group demanded that the cloak be given to Elyas.

When Wicked Fang was first found among the dead gnolls its true nature was undiscovered, only after it was learn it had a named and could speak. Did a question of ownership occur and by then Esteru had already claimed it. It has become clear that Drake, who has the most magic items of the group, has become unaware that his greed for magic items is driving a wedge between the newer members of the part and himself.

Zumos fears he has no choice but to back Esteru claim to the sword. He knows, this may break up the group, but Zumos has chosen to stand firm with the party member who has the least amount of magic items next to himself.

Sam’s take

Esteru’s version

A leader’s view

Anyone else?


What is known about Wicked Fang?

  1. It is a magic item of some value.
  2. It IS made of platinum.
  3. But platinum is a soft metal ill-suited to hacking and slashing.
  4. An Arcana Check of 26 failed to reveal the nature of its magic.
  5. A magic item of Level 12 or lower would be revealed by an Arcana Check of 26.
  6. Therefore, Wicked Fang must be an item of Level 13 (or higher).
  7. Level 13 magic items sell in the 17,000 gold piece range.
  8. Wicked Fang was given to the gnolls by Sarshan.
  9. The name of the barbaric gnoll clan is the same as the sword’s name: Wicked Fang.
  10. The party saw a group of gnolls at Sarshan’s fortress at Umbraforge.
  11. The gnolls at Umbraforge wore livery that included the sigil of the Wicked Fang clan.
  12. The gamemaster knows more than he’s telling.
  13. Wicked Fang only speaks to Esteru.
  14. When other party members wield the sword, they can hear the sword and Esteru whispering back and forth.
  15. But they cannot make out the words (although Drake DOES believe he made out some words at one point).
  16. Esterhu gets a wicked gleam in his eye when he tells the rest of the party that the sword speaks to him.
  17. The party failed the skill challenge of interrogating the weaponsmaster which might have told them more about Wicked Fang.
  18. Including more about the rumors of a curse on the sword.
  19. The angel of the Raven Queen said the rumors about the curse on the sword were false.
  20. But…
  21. The angel of the Raven Queen did not say what those rumors were.
  22. And…
  23. The angel of the Raven Queen also pointed out that wielding such a weapon has consequences.
  24. Like the wicked gleam Esterhu gets in his eye when he grabs the sword in two hand as he is telling the rest of the party the sword is speaking to him.
  25. The craftsmanship on Wicked Fang seems unique.
  26. Indeed, it appears to have a maker’s mark stamped into the pommel.
  27. Now, Drake the Enforcer believes he has recognized the voice in the sword as the voice of its maker.
  28. The maker’s mark has burned its image (a stylized IM) into Esterhu’s hand.
  29. It has been identified as the mark of a young craftsman of the Mountainhome clan.
  30. The Mountainhome clan is a powerful force in Overlook politics, maintaining large residences in both High Hall and Stonehammer as well as a townhome in Hammerfast.
  31. Raven and Drake have been convinced by the angel of the Raven Queen (and by Raven’s near-death experience) that Ithoryn Mountainhome has been brought back to life by the Raven Queen with the purpose of fulfilling an oath.
  32. Raven’s sleep has been disturbed by dreams ever since meeting the Raven Queen a second time.
  33. Those dreams seem to center on a blind shaman urging him to vengeance.
  34. The blind shaman appears to also want Raven to acquire a bloody totem which must be constantly re-powered by fresh eyeballs, taken from recently killed corpses.
  35. Raven even gets the impression that the shaman wants him to gouge his own eyes out, although he doesn’t remember the shaman actually telling him to do this when he wakes from the dreams.

Wicked Fang

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