Scaled Down Scales

Sinruth goes down

With Sun Li in Japan, Li Sun in limbo, and Blackguard’s Bane at a meeting, Orion, Paine, Zell and Visage had to take down the Hobgoblin chieftain without their main tank or main healer. Visage had to take both roles.

The original plan was to sneak into Sinruth’s lair in Castle Rivenroar and surprise him before he could get to a place where he could make use of his standing stones. Zell managed to make enough noise that the hobgoblin heard them coming. And charged out swinging his spiked chain.

Visage managed to stop him in the hallway for a while, repeatedly charging and knocking the Red Hand chief down. By the time Sinruth made it into the room with his beloved standing stones, he was already bloodied. Paine hit him with her realing torment spell and was able to pinball him around the room, using the cold damage from the meinhirs (Sinruth’s standing stones) against the hobgoblin.

The party found a message from a mysterious “emissary” on Sinruth’s body:

Scaled Down Scales

Scaled Down Scales

Thinking about it, calling this Scaled UP Scales may have been better. I am starting a campaign based loosely on the Scales of War adventure path, but I am starting out with 12th-level characters (not something I’d recommend, but necessary when your real goal is teaching players playing 12th-level characters how to play). So I’ve up-scaled the opponents to make them a challenge for my players.

The Story Thus Far

In the first session, Zell was the only PC to notice everybody was carrying similar scrolls to the reading of the last will and testament, so the PCs were a little slow to join together. The appearance of demons and flammible zombies sped things up a bit.

The second session took us into the sewers under Fallcrest, where the characters confronted a Chasme and some of her demonic friends. Sun Li showed up in the third session to help close The Abyssal Portal.

The fourth session was largely taken up with an extended research project for the Lord Warden. A fight did break out, however, during the interrogation of some members of a gnomish street gang. (Well, a street gang run by gnomes.)

The Lord Warden sent the characters on a errand for his wife and on this trip my characters got hit with their first hard encounter, rescuing a desperate messenger from Argent (courtesy the Revenge of the Giants supermodule).

After leaving the messenger to the tender care of Sister Linora and the not-so-tender care of Lord Padraig (who offered them a reward for killing the Bloodreavers), the characters picked up a couple more minor quests and proceeded toward Brindol. Heskan and Kell continued to have trouble getting out of a bar without a fight.

Hobgoblin terrorists struck in Brindol as well, and the party rushed into the city as fires began to break out all over. The cause soon became apparent.

After the terror attacks were revealed to be cover for two operations (kidnapping of random Brindolians and looting of the museum), the adventurers discovered one of the kidnap victims was the very person they were sent to check up on, the Lord Warden’s sister-in-law. Since they were going to have to rescue Keri anyway, the party decided to negotiate with the city council, picking up two more quests. Note that, so far the adventurers have been far more successful in getting quests than resolving them.

After picking up some information from