Ogres with Casks of Pitch

Rushing to protect Lady Alyssa’s Aunt Keri (who goes by the professional name of Keriksa in Brindol), the party ran into a wagon being pulled by a large ogre. One the wagon were two hobgoblin archers, one of whom was lighting barrels of pitch and handing them to the ogre.

The ogre threw one of the casks at a building, missed, and hit an elven ranger emerging from a nearby building. Only Sun Li and Paine realized the opportunity for setting the wagon on fire. (The ogres were yoked to the wagons and could not escape the explosions.) They decided this was a too-dangerous course of action. Paine put out the fires and the party made quick work of the ogre and goblinoids with the help the ranger.

The result: The only damage to buildings came from a fire started by Sun Li’s attempt to invent golf (she’s now thinking about replacing the flaming cask of pitch with a small ball).

Unfortunately, Aunt Keri was kidnapped along with several other residents. And some artifacts were stolen from the museum which Heskan had hoped to visit.


Ogres with Casks of Pitch

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