The City of Sayre

Sayre (SAW-ee-ray) is an artistic, monument-filled city built in a particularly beautiful valley. Sayre holds a university and a large number of artisans, making it a popular site for those who deal in either information or fine art.

Population: Approximately 12,000, including almost 1,500 students attending the University. Most inhabitants are human, elf, eladrin, or halfling. Some dwarves also live in Sayre, although they tend to keep to themselves.

Government: Sayre is governed by Lord Divian Torrance, a politically astute nobleman adept at playing different factions of the city against each other. Power resides with Lord Torrance, as well as the Artisan’s Guild and the University’s archdean.

Defense: The Guards of the March are a force of 100 soldiers led by General Alvro Taramin that have little to do other than patrol the safer sections in and around the city. Most merchants, guilds, and noble families have their own mercenary guards that protect their property and work together when danger appears. In a time of crisis, General Taramin has the authority to call on any house with its own private guard to cede command of their troops directly to him. Fortunately, he has never had to do so, but if he were, he could call over 2,000 troops. With a cliff, a lake, and steep hills protecting three sides of Sayre, the Guards of the March spend much of their time outside the city patrolling the farming areas to the west.

Inns and Taverns: Caperlys Dancehall; Firetree Alehouse; the Rat and Hammer Inn; the Singing River Inn; the Sodden Mage tavern; The Tankard of Ink tavern. The River Jewel in The Glassworks is the most expensive inn in the city, and the Inn of the Ugly Dog in the Dregs is the cheapest.

Supplies: The Market; the Glassworks; Low Mountain. The Market District is the home of hundreds of different vendors of almost any product conceivable, although not all are legitimate. The Glassworks is home to the city’s finest artists and artisans, and is the place to go if you’re looking for jewelers or sculptors. Low Mountain is home to most of Sayre’s dwarves, and hidden weaponsmiths and armorers are available to anyone who can gain a prior recommendation from a dwarf.

See also: History and Rebuilding, as well as Downwind, The March, Riverdown, the University of Sayre, Prospect Hill, The Fisher District, the Dregs, and The Glassworks.


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