Scaled Down Scales

Into the Labyrinth

The 7-Pillar Hall...

...welcomed the Heroes of Falcrest with an underwhelming introduction the local bureaucracy. Although the Ordinator Arcanis was mysteriously absent from the Customshouse when the adventurers arrived, he did put in an enigmatic appearance before the party went to an inn where Rendil’s aunt put them up for the night, day.

Ki’sho was able to ferret out the urban legend that the Ordinator is not really a single individual (as he purports to be) but rather a role that different member of the Mages of Saruun plays at different times. Rendil told Ki’sho the Ordinator’s omnipresence in the Customshouse would be hard to explain otherwise. But Ki’sho couldn’t help noticing the mage was not in the building when the party first arrived at the Customshouse.

Further investigation revealed the urban legend is fairly widely held…

...and most of those who hold it attribute it to precisely the evidence that the Ordinator is always in the Customshouse. So Rendil’s version seems to hold up, even though it doesn’t quite square with what the party has seen.

While the rest of the party took a daytime siesta to recover from the first battle with the Bloodreavers, Paine and Ki’sho explored the Seven-Pillared Hall and got the lay of the land.



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