Scaled Down Scales


Wherein the brave adventurers...

…learn obscure architectural terms and how to make puns based on them.

The adventurers pushed onward to the Chamber of Eyes and discovered it was constructed like a small shrine with an outer narthex where the faithful (or faithless, since no one is certain yet what kind of religion was practiced here) could gather and be addressed from a raised platform. Visage helped Zell climb to the podium, where he listened at the back door.

Zell, however (apparently intimidated by past failures as a scout) climbed back down. It wasn’t an act of pure cowardice, but we all know certain gnomes would have been glad to characterize it has such.

When the guards overheard the party discussing strategy, they began shouting challenges through the main door (which was adorned with a large eye symbol). A quick-thinking Li Sun tried to convince them he was a slaver on an assignment from Krand himself. While the rest of the party tried to arrange themselves to look like Li Sun’s slaves, Visage failed to apply his considerable charisma to the challenge of convincing the guards of their bonafides. Li Sun was unable to carry to deception off by himself.

The guards, perceiving the fraud, rushed off to alert their boss, a bugbear of considerable talent (well, for a bugbear, anyway) who was sleeping nearby. Fortunately, while the rest of the party dithered over a wait-and-come-back-later strategy, Visage and Paine forced the back entrance (well, it was actually opened by a hobgoblin guard trying assess the enemy before he ran off to alert the big boss).

By this time, Li Sun had the front door open and the main hallway exposed. No sign of the retreating guards, however, as they had gone to wake the sleeping bugbear. The back way, on the other hand, was crawling with guards rushing for heavy reinforcements. It might have been all over were it not for the quick thinking of Paine and Visage. Paine bottled up the two guards most likely to get away with a timely Ice Stalagmites spell, and Visage finished the job by using a draconic leap to get past them and block the door they were trying to flee through.

Then the rest of the party moved up and sealed off the other route of escape. It was all over but the shouting.



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