Scaled Down Scales

Total Party Distintegration...

...results in a TPK...


After Drake the Enforcer kicked in the door to the caretaker’s shack, everyone else was so taken aback (and surprised) that Zumos was able to get off the sleep spell he had planned to convince the rest of the party to let him set off (had they actually taken the time to plan their attack before kicking in the door).

The results were not immediately obvious, since the only Lost One who actually fell asleep was in the back room. Nobody noticed until Raven stumbled, half-dead into the room just as the gangbanger was waking up.

But the sleep spell did offer its primary benefit (slowing several enemies during the first round). When Esterhu showed up to contest the ownership of Wicked Fang, Drake consulted the Dark Angel of the Raven Queen, who gave clear answer to all his questions, making it absolutely certain (to whatever degree the questions asked for certainty) that he should turn it over to the raging barbarian. In the ensuing confusion, Raven did not use one of his dying dailies to heal the party and died as a result (failing three saving throws before anyone could get to him and heal him).

A TPK was averted, but just barely (thanks the spectacular healing provided by Grigore). The evil cleric was captured, along with one of his doppelganger henchmen.

No doubt they will be questioned next time.



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