Scaled Down Scales

Total Party Knockout

Pyradan Scores a TKO

The two Portal Dogs seemed to Krasire to be doing a better job of controlling the battlefield than he was.

They teleported Relvain into the cave, but they failed when they tried the same tactic on Shadowfox and Krasire himself. This failure was almost worse than success might have been, isolating Relvain from their help.

Sure, it allowed him to keep his hippogriff, Xerxes, in the fight. But Relvain was isolated from all help. Still the Dwarven Defender seemed to be holding her own, tanking the Bloodbear inside.

But Pyradan and his dogs were able to harry them relentlessly outside the cave.

When he worked his way closer to the mouth of the cave he used his full mental powers to Force Grasp both Pyradan and the Bloodbear. Not only did this immobilize them inflicted so much damage — more than Krasire had ever dealt in a single attack — he tried it again before they could react. Seemed like a waste of a good immobilize, but it sure did a lot of damage.

Then the dogs were able to knock him out.

“Ah, the sweet surcease of consciousness,” he thought as he slumped to the ground.

Andrea Ravn remembered another moment from her dream: Zellara telling her about being trapped in the Harrow Deck. She could not get out of it until she taught another to use it. The woman’s ghost was caught in the fortune-telling deck which had been so much a part of her life.

Trinity Shadowfox was glad to see Xerxes bring his rider back to the land of the living, but the Shardmind did not seem to have his heart in the fight. Using her Ghost on the Rooftops power, she was able to evade the dogs for a while. Neither she nor Krasire ever really got inside the cave to help Relvain, who had added Bloodbear-pinning to her repertoire.

Trinity knew it wouldn’t be long before both she and Krasire would both be unconscious at the same time and she would not be able to heal the Shardmind.

“I’m glad this is not a fight to the death,” she thought. “And Xerxes can probably keep us both alive.”

“Precise Mind,” The Seed of Winter whispered. “Precissssse Mind.” But the Shardmind did not seem to want to use its Precise Mind. Still, the Seed persisted, “True domination is possible only through the Precise Mind.”

Relvain the Dragonpinner was almost sorry when she finally bloodied the Bloodbear. At first it was just a Firbolg in a bearskin. When she bloodied it, however, it turned into a giant bear-humanoid hybrid which seemed to have healed all its wounds.

Thinking it was critical to bloody it again — “I’ll bet it turns back into a Firbolg” — she threw everything she had into her attacks on the werebear, which seemed to have some kind of power of regeneration.

Even though this meant she had to ignore Pyradan and his dogs, she was able to pile on the damage faster than the Bloodbear could regenerate. The dogs were unable to get through her defenses much, but Pyradan and the werebear finally managed to wear her down.

She awoke on a makeshift altar in the war-camp of an Eladrin noble who seemed to have two streaks of gold in his hair just above his ears. He was directing his healers to bring Relvain and her companions — lying on the ground nearby — back to consciousness.


one wonders what was going on in the other two heads…

Total Party Knockout

Leo, I really appreciate your efforts to fill out your story. Don’t worry about Lyrindel. Your character is currently unconscious. The Raven Queen can give her any dream she wants. In fact, she is unconscious and near death. “Near Death” has special meaning for Revenants.

I guarantee that she will know the name of Lyrindel by the time she awakens.

Trinity Shadowfox was trapped in a maze of her own making, whether she knew it or not. Her rather… unique state of mind made it very difficult to make sense of her surroundings under normal circumstances, let alone when she was in the middle of nearly dying. She saw… something in the maze of her insanity with her… something that kept saying the name ‘Lyrindel’… She made a note to ask her teammates when she woke up.

What I would like you to do next for your background is come up with an insect for each of Shadowfox’s personalities. And put them in her character page.

Total Party Knockout

an insect?

Total Party Knockout

also, to fill out the Mask’s backstory, you might need to bring the computer with you to the next session

Total Party Knockout

and isa might be able to come spectate this session

Total Party Knockout

Yeah. An insect for each personality.

Today, I am working on getting the computer to work with the website again.

Cool. Isa can even play if she wants to.

Total Party Knockout

The reason for the insect is that Lyrindel would have made the multiple souls thing by splitting her soul amonst several different insects in her swarm.

Total Party Knockout

ah, I see. do you mean like the fluff and crunch of the facets?(thats what I call them)

Total Party Knockout

or do you mean different types of Insects?

Total Party Knockout

Oh! is Trinity gonna be turned into a swarm? cause that actually makes logical sense!

Total Party Knockout

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