A clumsy girl with a heart of gold. She seems okay with a knife...


9a1 (ui$hQQ%…
> Accessing restricted files
BDS:~$ ls
bin etc lib sbin sys var
boot home mnt root tmp dev
lost+found opt run srv usr
BDS:~$ cd home/
BDS:/home$ ls
. Orange_Sherbert
.. Pink_Bunnies
BDS:/home$ ls a
. Pink_Bunnies
.. .project_2901
Hot_Sugar_Buns .shinigami_kensai
BDS:/home$ cd .project_2901/
BDS:~/.project_2901$ ls a
Subject_0001 Subject_0002 Subject_0003
Subject_0004 Subject_0005 Subject_0006
Subject_0007 Subject_0008 Subject_0009
Subject_0010 Subject_0011 Subject_0012
Subject_0013 Subject_0014 Subject_0015
Subject_8081 Subject_8082 Subject_8083
Subject_8084 Subject_8085 Subject_8086
Subject_8087 Subject_8088 Subject_8089
Subject_8090 Subject_8091 Subject_8092
Subject_8093 Subject_8094 Subject_8095
Subject_9991 Subject_9992 Subject_9993
Subject_9994 Subject_9995 Subject_9996
Subject_9997 Subject_9998 Subject_9999
BDS:~/.project_2901$ cd Subject_8086/
BDS:~/.project_2901/Subject_8086/$ ls
BDS:~/.project_2901/Subject_8086/$ more Project_2901_True.bdd
;;Project 2901
;;Subject 8086
;;Codename: Aiseki
;;Identifying Mark: Black Dragon on Back. Immutable.
;;Level Designation: B
;;Next Level: A
;;Upgrade Potential: 80%
;;Current Assignment: RQ_Insertion
;;Previous Assignments:
BDS:~/.project_2901/Subject_8086/$ cd Identities/
BDS:~/.project_2901/Subject_8086/Identities/$ ls
Ai.bdd Alice.bdd Caitlyn.bdd
Hariko.bdd Jasmine.bdd Magdalene.bdd
Natalie.bdd Sakura.bdd Teiliel.bdd
BDS:~/.project_2901/Subject_8086/Identities/$ cat Magdalene.bdd
;;Character Mode: Magdalene
;;Character Assignment: RQ_Insertion
;;Height: 152.4cm
;;Weight: 49.9kg
;;Hair: Black
;;Eye color: Green Eyes
;;BWH: 96-71-98 cm

;; Appearance Makeup
;; Breakdown: Cute, Innocent, Attractive
Magdalene is a girl with raven black hair done up in twin tails, emerald green eyes, and just a little bit of freckles to accentuate her winsome smile.

She wears dark leathers and has various blades strapped tightly to her body. When she’s around town, she wears flowing large clothing to cover her armor and weapons. Usually in blue and white, which seem to be her favorite colors. People tend to ask a lot less questions and seem to like her a lot more when she doesn’t appear to be armed to the teeth.

When she is adventuring, she dispenses with the external clothing, instead preferring to have uninhibited access to her weapons. She refers to this as Battle Mode. Guys seem to appreciate her in battle mode more too, but she’s not entirely sure why.

;; Personality Makeup
;; Breakdown: Cute, Bubbly, Cheerful,
Magdalene is a bubbly, cheerful person. She can be ridiculous at times, but is always well intentioned. She likes to appear as though she is clumsy outside of combat and tends to defer to others and ask for help a lot.

;; Ideals Makeup
;; Breakdown: Cute, Innocent, Attractive
After meeting Matron Volorvyn, Magdalene found that her own ideals and the teachings of the Raven Queen were very similar.

The main teachings she identified with were:

Hold no pity for those who suffer and die, for death is the natural end of life. —The Raven Queen

Magdalene feels that death is a natural part of life. Many find it odd that she is so unfazed by killing, and some have even wondered about her mental state, but she is not sociopathic about it. If she has to kill someone, she doesn’t ask why, she says, “Oh, I guess they have to die. It was meant to be.” She see’s herself as an agent of fate, like disease, or nature.

Bring down the proud who try to cast off the chains of fate. As the instrument of the Raven Queen, you must punish hubris where you find it.

Magdalene also really hates prideful people. Nothing gets under her skin as much as someone who is full of themselves and when that happens she feels an inexorable desire to take them down a peg.

--Intrusion Detected——


Aiseki’s earliest memories are of rigorous training and discipline. She was trained to act in the ways that he masters meant for her to act and her own budding personality was hammered out and reforged into the adaptable, almost chameleon like personality that she has today. Rather adapting her personality to that of the identity that she has taken.

Aiseki was bred and raised as part of a long term project by the Kokuryu-kai otherwise known as the Black Dragon Society. An ultra-secret assassin organization located in the southeastern part of Scaleworld. The project was intended to create the perfect assassin. One capable of shape changing to any form necessary to complete the operation, as well as, adapting socially to any situation. Aiseki was trained thoroughly in Diplomacy, a variety of lores, and of course she is an expert at deception. While the society also trained her in combat, this was considered ancillary. Additionally, she was trained as a master of poisons and taught the arcane arts of applying poisons to any creature.

When Aiseki was 10 years old, the hidden mountain shrine where she was being attacked by a group of heroes. While most of the students joined in the defense of the shrine, Aiseki adopted the role of an innocent child and so escaped the bloodshed. The heroes ‘rescued’ Aiseki from the shrine and took her their nearby city.

One hero in particular, the master samurai Togashi Miyumoto, leader of the group spent the journey back to the Jade Kingdom suffering from a poison inflicted by the Poison master at the shrine. During that time he spent time with Aiseki trying to help her and heal the damage that the society did to her psyche. While his efforts did awaken a desire to find herself, it would take over a decade before she finally started to find herself.

Be that as it may Togashi Miyumoto died shortly before arriving at the Kingdoms gates. Aiseki attended his funeral, saying her goodbyes and disappeared into the shadows. The rest of the adventuring group searched far and wide for her, but were unable to find her. ( It is still hotly debated in the group if Aiseki played a role in Togashi Miyumoto’s death. The jury is still out.)

A few of the main things that stuck for Aiseki were Miyumoto’s teachings on the finding of the self.

“Your limits are only defined by your willingness to explore them.” – Togashi Miyumoto

You have to realize that Aiseki was fully convinced that her only role in life at this point was to execute the missions and training that her masters at the Black Dragon Society gave her. She was more of a robot than a person. Miyumoto’s caused her to question her path in life… or rather find her path in life.

“Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.” – Togashi Miyumoto

Miyumoto’ spent his dying breaths trying to inflect upon Aiseki, that she needed to find herself, and master herself.

Aiseki went to the Jade Kingdom’s great library and searched it for philosophy, to further expand upon what she had learned from Togashi Miyumoto. There she found the teachings of the Wanderer. Following that philosophy she began her Sojourn. As detailed in the Wanderers path. She must Travel the length and breath of the land. Completing Great Tasks. The goal being to complete a great task for every year, and travel a minimum of 100 miles each year. Through this path, the Wanderer explained. She would be able to find herself.

Now Aiseki is 19, and has found herself in <insert>. She has adoped the guise of Magdalene, and joined the ranks of the Order of the Black Feather. She has begun to find joy in life, and she feels that, that joy is in finding the teachings of the Raven Queen. Through the Raven Queen, Aiseki hopes to find herself and do whatever it is that she needs to do… whatever that is… she isn’t quite sure yet.

She is beginning to wonder. After she find’s herself… what does she do then….

  • In Overlook, she first encountered the teachings of the Raven Queen, when she heard the preachings of Matron Volorvyn in The Boneyard.
  • The Raven Queen’s message seemed to give meaning to the profession she was practicing. She naturally assumed that meant that the other practitioners of this religion would practice the same arts as she.
  • Approaching the matron, she began asking about employment opportunities.
  • Shocked at the openness of the young lady (but unaware that she was not ordinarily so open about her profession), the Matron directed her to The Order of the Black Feather with whom she had a close working relationship.
  • When the matron began acting strangely, Aiseki was among the first to suspect she was being controlled by outside forces. Still it was a shock to find that the matron had been taken over by Githyanki puppetmasters who destroyed the cleric’s mind in the process.

You have spent many years walking the roads, and though many know you, few know your origin. You are the lone survivor of a mystic enclave that possessed a terrible secret. The only way you have found to avoid those who might try to seize the knowledge you have is to keep moving, always just ahead of your pursuers. You use your allies among the primal spirits to help you stay one step ahead of your enemies. However, it’s a hard life always being on the move, and you wonder how long you can keep it up.
— Matron Volorvyn, High Priestess of the Raven Queen’s Temple in Overlook


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