Moon Elf Bard (Eladrin)


Her interest in prescience piqued by a prophecy at her birth, Avenglen has concentrated her bardic studies on the Virtue of Prescience.

“She shall find the greatest artifact of her people and wield it well. Yet it is destined for other hands and greater purposes. Yet she shall wield other weapons, sacred to another people. The seeds of dragons may prove more valuable than the seeds of seasons.”
— Talyrin, Cyclops Oracle

The Teu-tel-quessir — moon-elf — bard was born in Faerun and has traveled in that world as well as in the Feywild ever since.


At her birth, an Unselie prophetess of great renown foretold a momentous future in which she would unlock the secret of a draconic artifact and find the proper place for another artifact.

As she studied the Bardic Virtues, she became convinced the Virtue of Prescience held the key to her future. Still, she found the stage alluring. Only there did she feel she could become a true bard.

She heard rumors of a Drow bard so accomplished at his plays that he had become known as The Bard.

Descending the Moonstair, she found herself in a swamp, infested with ogres and trolls. When she made way north out of the swamp, she found a small town called Fallcrest where they knew of this bard. The Warden of Fallcrest told her that he was, indeed, acclaimed as the greatest bard of all time in the dwarven city of Overlook.

And he was, indeed, a Drow.

Fascinated by the idea that dwarves would accept a Drow, a dark elf, let alone call him a great bard, Avenglen decided to meet this bard. His name was Jerath and she proceeded toward Overlook, where she hoped to learn from him.

Or, at least, about him.


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