elven ranger from the Moonshae Isles


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Midsummer’s Eve

Saying his prayers, the ranger decided the Treefather might prefer that he slept in the boughs this Eve. He climbed the nearest Rowan tree. Falling asleep almost immediate (for Borg had much experience resting high in the branches of the trees of Gwynneth Isle), he dreamed of the Feywilde.

Silvanus greeted him there, telling him not to judge too quickly. "Even the Goddess of Death understands that life is a part of death…and death is a part of life. The Balance between the two must be preserved if the natural world is to thrive and prosper.

“I fear I have placed one of our number in great peril. I sent Lyrindel out to find the Seed of Winter before I discovered that one of our enemies has an interest in it as well.” The High Lady looked apprehensive. “The Raven Queen has taken an interest in the affairs of dragons. Our oracles suggest this was done at the behest of none other than Kord himself. Some great treason has been committed which has offended more than just the Raven Queen and Kord. They suggest the father of all metallic dragons himself may be involved.”

Borg awoke to a great shaking. The Rowan had uprooted itself and was walking rapidly through the forest. He clung to a large branch to keep himself from falling.

“This must be The Night of the Forest Walks,” he said. Borg knew such Nights happened more often in the Moonshaes, but he had never experienced one before. Streams might be changing their courses below, but he could not make them out in the dim dawn light.

They came a small clearing where the tree seemed to decide it had reached the right spot.

As the sky lightened, Borg was able to make out the outlines of a fair lady standing in the next tree over.

High Lady Ordalf seemed to be addressing the tree first. “I see you have decided to fill my meadow. I guess the deer will have to find a new spot to graze.”

Finished with her admonishment of the tree, the High Lady explained to Borg her concerns about Lyrindel.


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