A well-equipped Dragonborn Warlord


Long the proud owner of a full Arms of War equipment set, Heskan has let himself go in recent years. After his glorious triumphs at Rivenroar, he allowed the citizens to pamper him as their favorite hero. He even had to trade his prized Wyrven-Scale armor for some chainmail when he found he could no longer fit it over his pot-belly.

But he is hoping to get back in fighting trim.


Heskan came to Fallcrest in answer to a mysterious legal summons. When the reading of the will got out of hand, he stayed to clean out the sewers and rescue some people from Castle Rivenroar (really as much a tomb as a castle, as it turned out).

The people of Brindol were so pleased with having an exotic hero around that he was able to live off of their generosity for some time, while the rest of the heroes who had freed the captives went on to clear some slavers out of Thunderspire Labyrinth.

He missed the siege of Borodin’s Watch and never made a trip to Spellguard or Umbraforge, but when an old friend showed up looking for adventurers, his interest was piqued by stories of an ancient lost mine. Blackguard’s Bane told him about a dwarf named Bram Ironfell, who was putting together an expedition into the areas opened up by the defeat of the orc army at Borodin’s Watch.

In the lost mine, he met Storm Johnson and his friend, Coppershot Thundershield who helped him close the mine and its dangerous portal to the Elemental Chaos. Storm Johnson returned to his hideout near the City of Brass, sending “Copper” back to Overlook with Bram and Heskan.

Heskan was able to avoid most of the fallout from the “failure” of their mission (in the eyes of the Ironfell clan which financed it) by slipping back to Brindol. But not before Blackguard’s Bane had introduced him to a strange shaman (who was also a member of The Order of the Black Feather), named Raven.

In Brindol, Heskan found his favorite drinking establishment (where he and Kell had once got into a bar fight that spilled into the streets of Brindol) had been renamed in his honor. Now known as The Rock and the Hard Place (after the name he uses for his favored fighting stance), the patrons of the bar threw a huge party on his return.

The party did not last long, however, as Raven showed up with a strange request: It seems he is seeking a totem and has been having dreams about the bloody object. In these dreams, a horrifically maimed shaman tells him the road to the totem can only be found by a creature named Rrowthar. The maimed shaman in the dream told Raven that Rrowthar was once rescued from a roadside attack by Heskan.

“That’s true. I remember him. We were traveling along a road near Winterfell and we heard fighting nearby. We found this strange lion-headed man-creature, attacked by elementals who had pursued him from the elemental plane of fire. Or some such place. Last I saw him, he was recuperating at Lord Padraig’s place in Winterfell.”

As he said this, Heskan was just as surprised as Raven when a lion-headed humanoid walked in. Accompanying them was a young lady of exceptional beauty.

So, a courtesan assassin, an undead shaman, and a Torrian seneschal walk into a bar…

Heskan immediately recognized the Torrian as none other than Rrowthar.

Some desperate message: That was it. The Torrian seneschal was trying to deliver a desperate message to Lord Padraig and the Lord Warden of Fallcrest.


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