Klaxi (May he rest in Peace.)

Thri-Keen Fighter


Known for his love of wielding multiple weapons, Klaxi was chosen by the queen to respond to an unusual entreaty…

…from a demon named Ambassador Tien.

He is obsessed with honor and will always at least attempt to give his enemies a fair fight.

He also demands that allies be given Burials to honor their memory.


Klaxi Hatched from his egg in the Custody of the minor Sorcerer Queen, Helina, who forced him into Gladiatorial Combat.

He spent the entire time fighting increasingly harder and harder enemies to amuse the sorcerer and her many guests. His renown spread across the land until the queen of a Thri-kreen hive heard of his exploits.

That is until he was moved to a different arena. This one set upon a massive sand dune impossible to approach from the ground.

The queen of the Thri-kreen decided that this warrior of renown would be a great asset to her hive.

The Dune was much to high and the sand was much to loose to climb to the top but the Thri-kreen dug into the Coliseum.

Klaxi was freed by the hive when his new queen’s guard Struck down Helina and broke his chains.

Klaxi immediately Pledged himself to the Hive and promised to pay back his liberation by the queen ten fold.

He has been one of the most loyal warriors of the queen ever since.

Klaxi has since gone on to develop his own unique style of fighting wielding a flail and sword and has now been ordered a city from a Siege by his queen. His quest has currently taken him to many different cities before he arrived at Nefalus.

He has joined a group of fellow heroes in an attempt to save the city from the corrupting influence of the seed of winter.

He died during that quest. Failing his queen.

Klaxi (May he rest in Peace.)

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