Hamadryad Druid, Feywarden of the Sarifal


Primal Mapper


One of the rare feywardens who are sent beyond the verdant confines of Sarifal to gather intelligence on the kingdom’s enemies, Lyrindel has recently been given a new assignment.

She has taken to the task with a joyful heart as it does not require her to delve once again into the Feydark. While being sent to a bountiful jungle like the one found on Nefelus might bring out the innate capriciousness in some of her kind, she knows the High Lady of the Summer Court demands that she stick with her mission: Finding out why the Unselie have become so obsessed with the Seed of Winter.

Ordalf has even hinted this mission may require turning the artifact over to the Winter Court. “We certainly would not want it to be brought hither. Such a winter-aspect creation would surely act as an icy splinter in the heart of Summer!” she told Lyrindel.

Lyrindel’s researches into the rituals which created the Seed of Winter have led her to the island magocracy of Nefelus. At first, she had difficulty convincing the mages to trust her. But her commitment to learning eventually won them over. She has even been able to help them understand the forces which are assaulting their isolationist island.

After all, the politics of isolation plague her kingdom as well. And many of the druids of Sarifel see no reason to venture outside their island. But Lyrindel has been trained to explore far worse places than the Material Plane — the Feydark and the Murkendraw, for instance — and so isolationism is something she has been warned about.

Warned by the High Lady Ordalf herself.


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