Maxim Shalion

Hobgoblin Warlock, full of contradictions


Maxim Shalion despite his appearance actually comes from human ancestry. When one of his ancestors exposed herself to a demonic artifact it caused mutations that would later affect her family. A curse laid upon the Shalion name for centuries. But if you where to ask Maxim he would call it a blessing. He has embraced his legacy as a goblinoid.

His form resembles that of a red Hobgoblin with small bull like Horns jutting from his forehead and a Small whip like tail kept hidden under his cloak. He keeps his Small quasit Demon Alen on his shoulders in the form of a Bat or a centipede.

Despite being part demon Maxim can be quite cheerful and has been know to donate much of his money to the orphanage of Noctur where young hobgoblins who had there parents killed in raids on the surrounding lands however, maxim also has a much darker side this can be shown by the arcane bombs he has placed in each of his kobold slave’s skulls.


A hobgoblin with facial scars which appear to be claw marks, Maxim has a lot to overcome in polite society: Everyone assumes he is a dishonorable backstabber.

Convicted of that crime before he meets most people, Maxim is more than willing to live up to their expectations.

“Well I guess you can say Corellion worshipers can do two things right. Wasting powerful magic and dying. I prefer the latter.
Maxim Shalion

His grandfather and his mother raised him in the Feywild to believe that he was descended from the royal family of Nerath. They taught him many things which only the scions of Old Nerath and its Empire could possibly know.

The problem with this story: Maxim, his mother, AND his grandsire are all hobgoblins.

They tried to explain this discrepancy with an intricate story about how they were rescued from the fall of the empire by the intervention of the Empress Amphaesia and her father, the King of Blooms. One of Maxim’s ancestors was a favorite in the Summer Court, but other courtiers resented this place for a human woman.

Through court intrigue these jealous rivals managed to get the empress to have this ancestor assigned to a prestigious diplomatic mission to present a gift which had been acquired in the City of Brass to the magocracy of Nefalus. The rivals had acquired the gift — which was much desired by the reclusive mages — from an agent who had extensive dealings with the Abyss. In fact, they knew the gift itself came from the Abyss and would poison whoever carried it with abyssal energies.

As the envoy of the Selie Court, this ancestor traveled with her husband (a Eldarin prince in his own right) to the Elemental Plane of Chaos and recovered the artifact. Warned by the prince that the item was tainted, the envoy felt it her duty to carry out the mission to which she was pledged.

When they got the artifact to Nefalus, the mages were so impressed with the sacrifice her mission had forced upon her to get them the item they wanted (but were afraid to acquire on their own) they asked her to place the dangerous treasure in a special protective prison they had fashioned for it. When she had completed this task, they rewarded her with an extended stay in their most luxurious accommodations: A singularly unusual reward from the normally reclusive and isolated magocracy.

It was in these idyllic conditions that the envoy and her husband conceived their first (and only) child: a Demon Spawn.

Their exposure to the Abyssal artifact had changed the envoy and her husband, poisoning them with a curse: All their descendants to be demon-spawned hobgoblins, red of face and fiery of temperament.

The Shalion Family has burned its self a reputation in Nerath and Noctor as the Goblins of the Abyss, Being both Demon spawns and Hobgoblins.

Maxim has embraced this legacy and sworn a fey pact to the Great Gark, which gives him the powers usually associated with another kind of pact: An Infernal Pact

Although not commonly guessed as he is not a proper biological hobgoblin he has a great loyalty to the Hobgoblin Empire and will not under any circumstances fight them but he has no trouble killing hobgoblin traitors to the contrary he enjoys it.

He also despises Corellion worshipers as quoted by him they Waste powerful magic.

He was stabbed through the heart
and he was to blame
he gives mercenaries
a very bad name
-Maxim Shalion to grigore goldforge

Maxim Enjoys causing infighting amongst his enemies and will commonly attempt to manipulate his enemy in to killing each other although it sometimes backfires

Maxim Is a respected Warlock in Noctor and has several Acolytes he uses as servants. Common tasks of these Acolytes range from Guarding Kobold slaves, Delivering Messages, Fetching food for Alen and Researching Information.

He also has a fondness for illusion spells witch he uses to hide some of his more Demonic features. He also seems to be mildly bi-polar.

Maxim Shalion

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