Murrik Ironfell

Slightly unhinged Dwarf pampheteer


Though the rest of his family (excluding Bram, of course) shares his antipathy for The Golden Scales and The Order of the Black Feather, they do feel he is taking it a bit too far when he passes out handbills in front The Orb Theater.


Murrik has become convinced his cousin Bram Ironfell was swindled by the associates of The Order of the Black Feather when he took them to his family’s lost mine. The Lost Mine of Karak was once the key to the riches the family enjoyed back in their heyday.

But the miners delved too deep — as Dwarven miners are wont to do — and the mines were overrun by creatures from another dimension.

Bram hired a group of adventurers to help him find the lost mine in dangerous Orc-held territory. They discovered it guarded by the undead Ironfell clansmen who were trapped there for hundreds of years.

Defeating those abominations, Bram found a portal to the Elemental Plane of Chaos. Communicating with Storm Johnson through the portal, he discovered the true story of the lost mine and joined Storm Johnson’s crusade to close all such portals.

Storm Johnson sent an emissary through to help on their end, but he himself stayed in the Elemental Plane to work on the crusade from other side.

Bram joined the crusade, sealing the mine, and returning to tell his family the mine was lost forever. The Ironfell family did not accept this judgement, turning Bram into a black sheep and blaming the adventurers for his betrayal.

Murrik had borrowed some money which he planned to pay back with the riches from the Lost Mine of Karak. He is especially bitter and tries to discredit the Order whenever possible.

His efforts are currently aimed at Jerath and Grigore Goldforge.

Murrik Ironfell

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