Nox Rhasgar

a dragonborn sorceror


Now known as Nox Rhasgar, the Fire Man, this Dragonborn Sorcerer has become a crowd favorite in the Feydark domain of Cachlain, the Stone-Skinned King.


Blazestone, his home, is where Nox learned to wield fire and resist its damage. As a Master of Flame, he was looked down upon by the others around the area. But the Dragonborn in Blazestone taught him of the ways of Bahamut.

The Platinum Dragon told him in a dream to ignore the taunts of those who did not understand the importance of flame. In the dream, Bahamut was standing by a river in front of a giant waterfall.

The only river Nox knew was the Nentir River, famous for its waterfall at Fallcrest.

So he made his way out of the Dawnforge Mountains to find Fallcrest. The path to Fallcrest led him to a place called Raven Roost. The gang of robbers who were operating out of Raven Roost captured him, took his things, and sold him to the Duergar slavers operating out of Thunderspire Labyrinth.

The Duergar sold him to the Drow matrons of the Underdark. The matrons force him to work in the volcanic depths, hoping to kill him. He did not die, but thrived there as a Master of Flame. There he met Drake the Enforcer who was no Master of Flame. He was able teach Drake to resist the formidable heat of the volcanic forges.

Unable to kill the two of them, the Drow matrons saw a chance to profit from these slaves who are so capable. The Efreets of the City of Brass are always looking for slaves with such resistance.

The two of them met another slave named Storm Johnson who helped Drake gain the confidence of their master who assigned Drake to a dangerous task in the Umbraforge. Rumors came back that Drake died there.

This convinced Storm Johnson and Nox to escape and form an enclave of freedom fighters dedicated to freeing the slaves of the Elemental Plane of Chaos. Soon they discover darker forces at work.

The Githyanki were using gates to the Elemental Chaos to aid in their war against the Material Plane of Existence — Nox’s home plane.

Nox Rhasgar

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