A shaman revenant whose green thumb...


…(or should we say BLACK thumb) was useful to Sarshan in maintaining a “garden” of mushrooms and other noxious Shadowfell plants in the Tower of Umbraforge. He left Sarshan’s service rather abruptly when he help configure the portal in that garden to transport Elyas the Betrayer and himself back to the mortal plane of existence.


Born Ithoryn Mountainhome, The Raven was a young dwarven swordmaker’s apprentice when Sharshan kidnapped him. His master seldom let Ithoryn indulge his penchant for exotic blades. The master of the Umbraforge lured the apprentice to his magickal forges in the Shadowfell by promising that he could use his full imagination to produce the ultimate blade.

When Ithoryn had nearly finished Wicked Fang, Sarshan came to the forge where the blade was being heated for its final tempering and told the dwarf that he would add special magicks to make it even more powerful. The scars on Sarshan’s face glowed eerily in the glow of the shadowy fires as he spoke powerful wards into the blade.

He drew the blade from the forge and thrust it into Ithoryn’s body, tempering the steel with its maker’s own blood.

But another slave was watching, spying on behalf of his master from the Elemental Chaos. Drake heard the betrayed craftsman whisper an oath so powerful it made him gasp.

“May this sword destroy all the plans you build upon it”…

…“may its many edges flay ALL the plans you make”…

…“may its points pierce the hearts of all the plans of those who use you as their pawns.”

But Sarshan heard the gasp and turned to slay the only witness to his most monstrous crime. So powerful was this oath that it attracted the attention of the Raven Queen. She snatched the two victims from the swirling maelstrom of souls and sent the back to the material plane with a single purpose:

To fulfill that oath


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