Half-orc slayer with a fondness for executioners axes


Seeking his lost clan, Valhalla has hacked and slashed his way through numerous foes and endless challenges until even Dol Dorn acknowledges his near-perfect battle prowess. His axe has become an almost living extension of his hands.



From the beginning, his clan kept him isolated from the rest of the world. As half-orcs, they were not accepted in human society. And orcs considered them almost as weak and prone to attachments to others.

Valhalla’s clan was close-knit and looked out for each other.

Unfortunately, Valhalla has lost his clan. He’s not even sure they still exist. He hopes they do and seeks out clues about their fate everywhere he goes. When he was seven, he was out hunting and brought down his first deer. Triumphantly returning to his clan’s camp to show them his trophy, he discovered the camp was destroyed. He found his mother’s body there, along with some of the other half-orcs.

At this age, he was unable to tell if any of his clan survived. He never counted them all. But as he buried bodies he found in the camp, it seemed to him some of the clan were not among the cadavers. He gathered clues as to who the attackers were.

At the time, these clues meant little to him. Since then, he has come to the tentative conclusion that they were Githyanki. A broken silver sword was one of the clues he found. He has been told these are often the weapons of choice for Githyanki slavers.

Becoming a Guardian

Reasoning that others might have banded together after being attacked by the Githyanki, Valhalla decided that he would become a Guardian, dedicated to protecting those vulnerable to Githyanki slavery.

At first, he sought out the Githzerai, traditionally the favored slaves of the Githyanki. To say that he was rebuffed would be overstating the case. He soon found Githzerai communities were so desperate to hide their existence from the Githyanki that they were virtually impossible to find for anyone else, either.

He heard of a Githzerai who advocated a more public fight against the Githyanki and had even allied with members of other races to promote that fight. Ki’sho was part of a group which was known to have a beef with the Githzerai, The Order of the Black Feather.

When he sought the Order out in Overlook, he was directed to Thunderspire Labyrinth where Ki’sho was currently working on a job for the Warden of Fallcrest. Deep beneath the mountain known as Thunderspire, he finally ran into the Githzerai fire mage in a settlement known as The Seven-Pillared Hall.

Ki’sho told him of rumors he had heard from another member of The Order of the Black Feather, Blackguard’s Bane. Blackguard’s Bane had told Ki’sho that a mysterious Deva had formed a group of Guardians, known only as The Alliance, to gather together all the forces opposed to the Githyanki under one umbrella organization.

Apparently, recent Githyanki attacks have been so widespread and well-coordinated that many cities have united against them.

So, it was back to Overlook for Valhalla (a long slog), where inquired again at the Order’s headquarters there. This time, asking after Blackguard’s Bane. When he finally was introduced, Blackguard’s Bane was an imposing figure. Outfitted in a cloak made of living ravens, Blackguard’s Bane was the perfect personification of an adventurers guild dedicated to the Raven Queen.

The Golden Scales

Blackguard’s Bane told him the name of the mystery Deva: Amyria.

He also told Valhalla that Amyria was no longer in Overlook, but was now basing the Alliance operation out of a nearby city, called Sayre.

When he got to Sayre, he found the Deva in a warehouse-turned-refugee-center located in the disreputable Riverdown section of the city. Fortunately, that was the only section of Sayre where a half-orc could hope to find lodging. The eggheads of the University of Sayre may give lip service to diversity, but that did not extend to half-orcs, apparently. Valhalla was used to such hypocrisy, however, and went straight to the “right” section of town.

Amyria listened quietly to the story he told of his clan’s destruction and offered to introduce him to a group of Guardians, The Golden Scales, who were the most active element of the Alliance at the current time. She took him to a fancy inn, where she introduced him to Jerath, an associate of the leader of the Golden Scales.

Shortly thereafter, the whole group showed up, imploring Jerath to help them with a ritual to get inside the head of their leader, an ardent named Grigore.


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